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How Do Health Challenges Create Nutritional Deficiencies?

by Chris Daino

The body is an amazing operation.  It will work to produce energy and will repair itself. 

When the body works on either, it needs nutrients to do it.  Nutrients are what the body uses – just like your car runs on oxygen and gasoline – your body runs on oxygen and nutrients.  There are forty nutrients that cannot be made in the body. They are essential fatty acids, 15 vitamins, 14 minerals, and 10 amino acids. These forty nutrients are the body's requirements. From these our bodies synthesize an estimated 10,000 different compounds essential to the maintenance of health.

So, what happens when the body gets injured or sick?  We can take two examples of this. Your body has damaged nerves.  Your body has an infection.

When the body has damaged nerves, it wants to fix that first. The body always has a priority of things to repair.  Damaged nerves interrupt the communication signals of the body. It is thus a priority. For example, how does the body get a muscle to move? It sends a message through the motor nerves. What if that nerve is damaged? The message doesn’t go through. 

The body needs specific B vitamins in order to repair the nerves.  So, all the B vitamins that are in your food or in supplementation will go to fixing the nerves first.  What if your body is using all of these vitamins to fix the nerves? It will create a deficiency for the rest of the body’s needs.  It will create problems for other parts of the body that also needs B vitamins to function well.

What if you have an infection?  Your body needs vitamin C. The body will address the infection first; it is the biggest threat to the body’s survival.  If you don’t get enough, and the body is using all the vitamin C in food or supplementation to address this infection, other parts of your body that need the vitamin C will suffer.

It is important for you to get enough of what the body needs.   If you have an injured or ailing body, your body needs enough to repair the problem, plus it needs enough for the rest of the body to function properly.  

What are the “side effects” of not having enough of the different vitamins?

The side effects are the various nutritional deficiencies that the body gets because all the vitamins it needs go to repairing the body.  Chronically, if you use up all the B vitamins needed to repair the nerves (the body might not even be doing a good job of this as it really needs a lot of B to repair nerves), the body will be deficient in B vitamins for its other functions – a healthy cardiovascular system, energy production, digestion, health gums and teeth – the list goes on.

Don’t ever worry about taking too much of a vitamin.  If you are exceeding what your body needs, it will flush it from the body.  But if it’s not getting enough, your body will suffer.  But beware of not taking enough of a much needed vitamin.  That includes you diet as well as any supplementation.

Besides taking what your body needs to address our health issue, make sure you also get enough for the rest of the body’s nutritional needs. 

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