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What Does Your Medical Tests Show?
Structural Medicine & Functional Medicine

Early detection is spoken about a lot by the medical profession. They will x-ray, take blood tests and prescribe a whole list of testing to be done. Yet daily people find out they have a disease that is life threatening.

The question is how did it get to that point? Someone can talk about the marvels of medicine when they point out that they had to have bypass surgery due to the blockage that the medical tests found. It saved their life. Yet, one has to wonder why it got to that point of blockage? Why did it get to where surgical intervention was necessary? Why wasnít it found out when it was non-life threatening or just beginning?

To understand one has to realize what medical doctors treat and what their tests show. Medical doctors put their attention on disease, not health. They view the situation that if the person does not have a disease, they are healthy. Yet, a person with a very small blockage in their arteries, is definitely not healthy and on his way to a real problem Ė a serious medical condition, heart failure.

If you view total health as 100% and death as 0, the medical doctorís attention is on the 20% to death range. This is where their studies, clinical trials, tests and treatments are focused on. Medical doctors practice what is called structural medicine. They find ways to prevent death. Thus, bypass surgery, drugs to lower blood pressure, surgery to correct a gallbladder stone, cutting out a tumor, etc. etc. etc. are used.

But where is the prevention? Where are the tests that can find out when a person is down to 80% health, let alone 60% or 40%? Have you ever been confused because the doctor says that according to your tests, there is nothing wrong with you, yet you feel terrible? The tests are not showing what is happening. 

To paraphrase Dr. Joel Fuhrman, M.D. if you find that people are falling off the cliff you donít park an ambulance at the foot of the cliff you build a fence at the top of the cliff. Parking the ambulance at the foot of the cliff is structural medicine.

I donít hear "this is how to stay healthy" from medical doctors Ė except maybe Joel Fuhrman, M.D. & the Chiropractic Profession. I hear from medical doctors that this is linked to cancer, or that is linked to heart disease. There is nothing definitive about just building health or how to do it.

Building health is what is necessary. Your diet is important. Exercise is important and in some cases working on the health of a specific area of the body that is at a 60% is important. This is Functional Medicine which is the "Medical Practice or treatments that focus on optimal functioning of the body and its organs." The focus of functional medicine is to promote health beyond just the absence of disease.

"We need to shift our focus from treating disease to generating health..." Hippocrates ("The Father of Medicine")

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