sugarSugar is addictive and is a low grade poison like any other addictive substance.

Refined sugar in particular provides only “empty” calories and lacks natural nutrients which are present at least in some degree in the whole sugar beet or whole sugar cane.

Such sugar is a refined and therefore incomplete carbohydrate. The body cannot utilize refined carbohydrate that has been depleted of all the proteins, vitamins and minerals that make a complete carbohydrate.

Eating sugar is worse than not eating anything because to digest, detoxify and eliminate it, the body tissues must give up precious vitamins and minerals which are vital to cellular health. Deficiencies occur and cells grow weak – causing the tissues and organs they compose to become weak and your health to deteriorate.

Additionally, the body’s attempt to use incomplete carbohydrate results in the formation of toxic substances such as pyruvic acid and abnormal molecules containing five carbon atoms. Pyruvic acid accumulates in the brain and nervous system causing all manner of problems. The abnormal molecules accumulate in the red blood cells causing a different set of problems.

These toxic substances interfere with the respiration of the body’s cells. The cells cannot get sufficient oxygen to survive and to function normally. In time, some of the cells die off and are no longer replaced.

These permanent cell deaths leave missing areas that interfere with the function of parts of the body, its nervous system and organs and this is the beginning of degenerative disease.

Excess sugar of ANY kind swells the liver and is then changed to fatty acids and deposited as fat in areas of the body like belly and thighs etc. and finally in the vital organs which slow down and can’t function as they need to and the entire body is then severely effected with deteriorated function and health.

In addition to these destructive effects, sugar of ANY kind makes the blood and body tissues acid which is perfect for the development, survival and breeding of harmful germs and viruses. You need to keep your body tissues and blood alkaline so germs and viruses will not take hold and breed and result in you becoming quite sick. You can’t keep your tissue and blood alkaline if you are eating sugar of ANY kind.

Withdrawal from sugar must be done gradually while giving the body large quantities of the substances that sugar steals from body tissues.

The first step to cutting out sugar is to throw away all refined sugar and to refuse to buy any refined sugar – and to replace it with only unrefined organic sugar.

Next, if the foods you are eating and the drinks you are habitually drinking contain sugar then gradually cut down on them and switch to healthy food and drink.

If you drink 4 sodas each day, start by cutting down to 3 each day for a few days and then to 2 each day – then to one and finally don’t put this liquid sugar-poison in your body at all. Cut out cookies. the same way.

Man-made artificial, chemical-sweeteners are not safe and are toxic to nerve cells and tissue cells in varying degrees, causing head aches, perception oddities and other physical problems that get worse and more permanent the longer the artificial sweeteners are used – so do not switch to those.

The next step in withdrawal from sugar is to gradually replace all sugar with only pure Stevia Leaf Sweetener. Stevia is a totally natural herb with no calories and no adverse effects on the body. (A tiny amount of Stevia is needed or the sweetness is so extreme it tastes a little bitter.)

While withdrawing from sugar and afterwards the doctor or technician may require that you take generous amounts of liquid minerals, potassium tablets and liquid vitamins or other supplements.

Cindy Clayton-Sudalnik, D. C.

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