Is it an adverse reaction or “die-off”?

adverse reactionHave you had a surprising reaction when starting a health protocol?  Did the supplements you took create an adverse reaction?    Well, don’t give up.

Starting a new supplement or antimicrobial protocol can sometimes result in surprising symptoms like:

• Fatigue
• Flu-like symptoms (chills, nausea, etc.)
• Headache
• And/or skin reactions

This often, understandably, leads people to feel that they’re having an adverse reaction to what may actually be a helpful protocol and quit.

But what really may be happening is a Herxheimer reaction (also known as “die-off”).

A Herxheimer reaction is the body’s immune system responding to new and unknown substances. Put simply, it’s when a new protocol makes you feel worse before you start to feel better.

To make sure you aren’t jumping ship on a protocol that may actually be working for you, it’s important to learn how to recognize the difference between die-off and intolerance.

Dr. Ruscio


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