Keto Fasting Tea


Keto and intermittent fasting are some of the best ways to lose weight… but it isn’t easy. Giving up sugary drinks and not being allowed to eat for big chunks of the day also doesn’t help. This unique blend of herbs keeps your appetite suppressed, fights irritability, and supports normal blood sugars. All so you can stay happy as you get fit.


Fasting can be extremely healthy for you. Some have argued it’s the “natural” state of the human body—back in the days when hunting was hard and we would never know where our next meal was coming from, fasting was a common state for humans.

People have said fasting stabilizes energy, improves mood, and gets rid of the dreaded afternoon slump. And of course, proper fasting is documented as being one of the most effective ways to lose weight.

But it’s no secret that there’s a massive hurdle that keeps people from enjoying fasting’s benefits.

Not eating for 8, 12, or 16 hours at a time is most likely the opposite of what you have been doing your whole life.

You know it is difficult as you wait hungrily for your next meal.

That’s why I created Keto Fasting Tea.

You give your body a combination of high-quality herbal ingredients that support fasting by reducing hunger and cravings. Unlike almost every other “fasting aid” out there, it doesn’t have any caffeine. That helps it support your health more. Don’t worry, it still tastes great.

Keto Fasting Tea is my heavily recommended aid for anyone who is seriously considering keto or fasting. It helps support your body and mind through the tough transition.

Best Herbal tea combination I ever had during my long journey to health and wellness. All ingredients are excellent. I take 1 cup mid-morning and 1 cup midafternoon along with the other Doctor Berg supplements regiment and OMAD Keto. Being post-menopausal, the belly fat was very slow to lose. Since drinking this tea, the weight/fat loss increased dramatically. Highly recommend it! Thanks so much Doctor Berg for another well-thought product! You are the best!!!! – Sophia R.

MCVitamins will work with you on an individual-by-individual basis to help you get the results you seek. And don’t be surprised if we contact you so we can check up on how you’re doing and to see if we can help you to get things moving faster!

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