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Dr. Berg's Ketogenic Diet is ALSO
The Best Diet for Health

Get Healthy to Lose Weight, not lose weight to get Healthy

updated 11-4-2020

You can read about it in different places. The diet improves health and you lose weight. Why do you lose weight? Because you are building health in order to lose weight, you are not losing weight to "become healthy."

The real simplicity of this diet is that if you are overweight you are burning sugar and carbs for energy. Carbs are actually glucose (sugar) molecules linked together. When you metabolize carbs, it turns to sugar - a lot of sugar. If you eat too many carbs, you burn it for energy and the rest of the carbs are turned into fat.

This diet burns fat for fuel and creates energy. You have to change your body over from burning sugar and carbs for energy to burning fat for energy.

I tried this diet it worked really well. Energy, no cravings, loss of weight. Much healthier.

The keto diet is a low carb, high fat diet. It lowers blood sugar and insulin levels and shifts the body’s metabolism away from carbs and toward fat and ketones.

The Diet

Here is a more information by Dr. Eric Berg

Dr. Berg's diet is different from others because he uses a different strategy. He has worked out healthy ketosis diet where you are not hungry and all your nutritional needs are fulfilled.

It is best for Long Term Health.

1. The wonders of ketosis—using your own fat for fuel.

When you actually get into ketosis, you’re running your body on a different fuel which is ketones. Ketones are the original fuel that our bodies ran on a long time ago. It’s using your own fat for fuel instead of glucose and we do very well on this “clean fuel.”

2. The Ketogenic Diet produces the most weight loss of any diet and gets rid of belly fat

3. It’s fantastic for the memory.

It works for kids with epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other cognitive disorders.

4. It improves your mood.

The ketogenic diet plan is great for mood and your overall emotional state because when you’re running your body on sugar you get irritable and grouchy all the time.

5. It gets rid of cravings and hunger.

The keto diet plan virtually slays cravings and hunger, which is great because how are you going to “diet” when you’re overwhelmed by cravings and hunger? It won’t last and this diet will help you with that.

The reason is because when you run on ketones, you don’t get the fluctuations in blood sugar that creates all these cravings.

6. It fixes the metabolism.

It can actually repair a broken metabolism and help you get past your set point weight—that point at which your body stalls with weight loss.

It’s great for busting through weight loss plateaus.

7. It fixes any issues with insulin.

Think about it. If you have high insulin, diabetes, or insulin resistance, what will this turn into if you do not fix it? Diabetes, strokes, PCOS, high blood pressure, a fatty liver, cardiovascular issues of all kinds, Alzheimer’s, aneurisms . . . all sorts of terrible things happen to people when you have high levels of insulin.

I hope I’m selling you on this concept because the ketogenic diet is the way to go for ultimate weight loss and ultimate health.

I don’t think you’ll ever go back to eating any other way once you see the Ketogenic diet benefits.

Dr. Eric Berg

The Key to Long Term Weight Loss There is always the problem when someone wants to lose weight of gaining the weight back. There is also the problem of craving food and being hungry between meals. This educational video explains how this happens to you and what to do about it.

Another video where Dr. Berg explains the Ketogenic Diet and why it works.

Here is his educational video Ketogenic Benefits

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Interested in the Diet? Read the book and find out all it does. Also find out how to apply the diet and what to do when you burn fat too fast and get really tired. Yes, there is a solution.

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Find out more:

The Healthy Keto Plan

Do you feel confused after trying to put together the “weight loss puzzle” for years? The Healthy Keto Plan is Dr. Berg’s newest book. Uncover how weight loss works, what you need to be healthy, and why fat isn’t coming off your body even if you have been trying to lose weight. Includes explanations, pictures, and practical advice such as how to fight cravings. Feel more in control of your health than ever before.


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