Lavender Essential Oil

Essential OilImpressive Benefits Of Lavender

The most important health benefits include the abilty to relieve stress and improve your mood, helps you to sleep, prevents infections, and reduces inflammation.

What Is Lavender?

It is a member of the mint family on which the color “lavender” is based.

It has a wide range of uses. This plant creates the essential oil that can have powerful effects on the human body.

Health Benefits Of Lavender

The scent and flavor of lavender are wonderful, but the bonus comes from its wide range of health benefits

Reduces Anxiety & Stress

There are a number of methods of using lavender. It can be rubbed onto the temples, or defused. The antioxidant components in it can lower the levels of stress hormones in the body.

Treats Sleep Issues

Insomnia, apnea or restless sleep. Using lavender is linked to the plant’s impact on the nervous system.

Anti-inflammatory Qualities

You can add the oil to your bathwater and take a nice long soak, the anti-inflammatory components can help in reducing the inflammation. The antioxidant properties of lavender are also quite potent.

Antiseptic Ability

Its effect on treating infection is impressive. Applied to wounds and injuries the body fixes it quickly and it prevents infections.

It also helps to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in the gut.

Lavender Testimonial: “I was introduced to essential oils and to Lavender oil. I started out topically using it and then with a diffuser. The first thing I noticed was my sleep. It was not just better but I now sleep well. It used to be that some nights were okay, but not great, a lot of restless night’s sleep and just hard to sleep insufficient sleep. It was a surprise when I realized I was falling asleep soon after I went to bed and sleeping all night. And if I happened to wake up (phone rang one night and thunderstorm another night) I would fall right back to sleep until morning. Amazing. These oils are everything they claim.
Chris Daino, (and this is why I recommend them).

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There are many oil companies and many buy their oils from the distiller so they have no control over the quality of seeds, how they are cultivated and harvested. Also there is no way of knowing whether they are pure essential oils in the bottle because FDA does not require all ingredients in the bottle to be on the label.

Remember that the Grade of the Oil is important. There are also third party websites selling Young Living Oils including Amazon. We want to warn you that they aren’t always what you are paying for – be sure to buy from Young Living as it comes straight from the Manufacturer to you. Saftey Warning

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