Lead Poisoning, the most toxic metal

leadLead is one of the most toxic metal contaminants. Some think the insanity associated with the Ancient Roman Empire was due to lead toxicity. “Sugar of Lead” was a favorite drink of the ruling class. Wine in lead-lined goblets leeched lead into the drink giving it a sweet flavor.

Today we find lead commonly in tobacco, water, some wines, canned fruit in lead soldered cans, garden vegetables and bone meal. Eight billion pounds of lead were spewed into the environment through the burning of leaded gasoline over the decades. This has contaminated our soil along with insecticides containing lead.

Other sources of lead include lead-based paints (not sold in the US anymore) but still on older walls under newer coats of paint, ceramic glazes, leaded gasoline, lead pipes and other piping that uses lead solder (no longer used in the US) and lead-acid batteries in automobiles. Lead is one of the most widely used metals in the USA today.

The human body can tolerate only one to two milligrams of lead before toxic symptoms begin to appear. The body often eliminates lead through the feces; however, it tends to collect in the bones, soft tissues (including the liver) and can even be adsorbed through the skin.

Symptoms of high levels of lead in the body include hyperactivity and behavioral problems. Women with high lead levels while pregnant can lead to growth retardation and nervous system disorders in the developing child. Doctor M. Erickson reported in Pediatric Research (October 1983) that lead levels were significantly higher in infants who die of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) than in infants that die of other causes.

Other symptoms include kidney, liver, heart and nervous system damage, intestinal spasms (colic), muscle weakness, paralysis of arm and legs, blindness, anemia, infertility and impotence in men. Loss of memory, mental retardation and varying degrees of mental disturbances even including insanity have also been known to stem from high levels of lead.

Even if you don’t have any of the above symptoms, you should find out if you have metal stress.

No longer is it a long expensive ordeal to get rid of heavy metals.

Forty different herbs used for heavy metal detoxification were compared for effectiveness. The three most effective herbs at lowering blood levels of mercury, lead and cadmium were isolated and a standard product containing all three was created. Due to the exact correct herbal address now available, it is inexpensive to remove the above metals.

Live long and healthy. Get checked for lead toxicity.


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