Dr. Berg’s Magnesium

Magnesium Supplement is right for you if…

✓ You struggle with low energy
✓ You occasionally feel stressed out
✓ You want to support a healthy cardiovascular system
✓ You occasionally experience difficulty sleeping
✓ You need an easy and convenient way to help support relaxation
​✓ You experience other common signs of low magnesium

I was having toe and leg cramps and this formula eliminated them – Cindy H

Also Supports Deep, Restful Sleep

Tired of being tired all the time? The reason is likely due to a lack of magnesium in your diet. As essential as the mineral is, more than 75% of Americans are deficient, which leads to fatigue, brain fog, and serious sleep issues.

Thankfully, with the new Magnesium  support, it promotes deep and restful sleep by adjusting your biological clock and regulating the hormone levels in your brain. Give it a try today and experience what it’s like to finally get a good night’s rest.

Replenish your electrolytes and trace minerals with Dr. Berg Electrolyte Capsules. These Electrolyte Capsules are easy to take on the go and perfect for supporting energy, endurance, muscle function, and hydration. Plus, they are 100% keto-friendly! Each serving is loaded with 875 mg of potassium and free of sugar, carbohydrates, maltodextrin, and harmful additives.

“No more night cramps! Taking insulin for diabetes I would often suffer from muscle cramps to my lower legs at night. After some research I learned that the insulin will deplete my potassium. Since taking Dr. Ber’s formula for electrolytes it resolved my issue and won’t be without it. Great product and I highly recommend as I have real, measurable results!” – Scott D

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Dr. Berg’s Magnesium
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