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Vitamin E

Thereís been a lot of confusion about vitamin E.  Its claimed by some that there no difference between natural vitamin E versus synthetic vitamin E.  Thatís like saying thereís no difference between natural and artificial  food.

The first thing you should know is what ďtocopherolĒ is.  It is only the antioxidant part of the vitamin E complex (a complex means many parts.).  It would be equivalent to wanting to eat an egg but only getting the shell..  Its purpose is to protect the internal structure of the vitamin E complex.  There are seven tocopherols, alpha being one of them.  Tocopherol is not even the active part of the vitamin; itís just the preservative.

Vitamin E complex in nature contains not only seven tocopherols but these other parts too:  E2 (helps oxygenate the heart tissue to prevent angina). E3 (assists in preventing digestive ulcers, Manganese (assists in supporting ligaments) and Coenzyme Q10 (assists in heart function.).

The main purpose of vitamin E is connective tissue repair (ridding scars), supports sex hormones (a lack can make someone sterile) and giving the tissue more oxygen (a deficiency of vitamin E can cause an increase in oxygen of 250%).  Itís great for preventing muscle soreness after exercise, healing cardiovascular damage and preventing acne in teenagers.   This is because during these adolescent years there is a sudden demand for sex hormones and this depletes the vitamin E storage in the skin leading to acne. 

Vitamin E is best found in raw vegetables (in the oils of these greens).  Itís also in grains; however, the vitamin E content in grain flour only lasts six days after it is grown. It has been observed that most vitamin E deficiencies are in people  that eat refined flour products Ė breads, pastas, cakes, cookies, etc. 

By eating refined food that once contained these vitamins, one can deplete their own reserves.  Itís like drinking distilled water (without minerals) Ė your body will try to balance it to make it whole, depleting its own mineral reserves.  The other big problem in taking too much synthetic vitamin E (tocopherol) is the possibility of calcium being taken out of the bone by taking too much of the tocopherol. 

Dr. Royal Lee found that if you give a person the vitamin E2 portion in a patient with angina (heart cramp), it would stop within ten minutes.  E2 relaxes heart muscle tightness by quickly  ridding the waste acids in heart muscle.  This product is called Cataplex E2.  Its given to patients with any angina type problems Ė itís more of a corrective product.    

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