Nerve Damage – R-Alpha Lipoic Acid and Acetyl L-Carnitine

Damage to the nerves of the body is a growing problem. R-Alpha lipoic acid and acetyl L-carnitine are key to addressing this problem.

Below is an explanation of each of these substances and how they may affect the nerves of the body.

What is R-Alpha Lipoic Acid?

Alpha-lipoic acid is an antioxidant that is made by the body and is found in every cell, where it helps turn glucose into energy. Antioxidants attack “free-radicals,” waste products created when the body turns food into energy.

Free-radicals cause harmful chemical reactions that can damage cells in the body. Antioxidants can get rid of free-radicals and may reduce or help prevent some of the damage they cause.

Other antioxidants work only in water (such as vitamin C) or fatty tissues (such as vitamin E), but alpha-lipoic acid is both fat- and water-soluble. That means it can work throughout the body.

Antioxidants in the body are used up as they attack free-radicals, but evidence suggests alpha-lipoic acid may help regenerate these other antioxidants and make them active again.

Alpha lipioc acid comes in two forms. R and S. Alpha lipoic acid is a combination of these two forms.

The R form of alpha lipoic acid is the form normally found in the body. Studies indicate the R-alpha lipoic acid form appears to be better absorbed than the combination of R and S alpha lipoic acid.

Studies show that alpha lipoic acid has an ability to kill free-radicals which may help people who have pain, burning, itching, tingling, and numbness in the arms and legs from nerve damage.  It is a nerve repair booster.

What is Acetyl L-Carnitine?

Acetyl L-Carnitine is a type of carnitine which is a substance that helps the body turn fat into energy. Your body makes carnitine in the liver and kidneys and stores it in the skeletal muscles, heart, and brain. Acetyl L-carnitine acts as an antioxidant.

High blood sugar levels damage nerves in the body, especially the arms, legs, and feet, causing pain and numbness. Some small preliminary studies suggest acetyl L-carnitine may help reduce pain and improve feeling in affected nerves. It is also possible that acetyl L-carnitine can help nerves regenerate.

Studies showed that taking acetyl L-carnitine and R-alpha lipoic acid together resulted in even greater improvements than either ingredient alone.

What is needed to restore health to nerves?

Building Healthy Nerves


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