Gut Support for Special Needs Children

special needsMany children experience social, cognitive and behavioral impairment, communication issues, sleep disorders and digestive issues.   Recently due to the number of research being done, a gut problem has been coming up with special needs children, probiotics has been used and to good results.

In reading the studies done, it talks about metabolism and the gut microbiome.

Research suggests that metabolic issues can cause deficits in sociability and communication and increased repetitive and/or restrictive behaviors in children. (1)

Many medical professionals now recognize metabolic/biochemical abnormalities are present in children with special needs. They suggest nutritional support may improve the underlying biochemical abnormalities to lessen symptoms. (2)

Research shows that there are natural, nutritional solutions that may help improve the child’s health and abilities.

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How to support the gut and the microbiome?

Metabolism is a generic word for EVERY chemical process in your body from energy production to cellular reproduction and fighting off disease.

This is the best formula we found that has the needed nutrients to improve Metabolism.  It is targeted nutrition at a cellular level.

Soon;   A Speical Formula for improving metabolism in Special Needs


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