Summer-ize Your Body

Summer-izeYour body is a means it’s characterized by constant change and activity. As a living organism, it responds to changes in the environment. Summer, with its heat and higher level of physical activity, is an environmental change you can prepare for.

Summer puts specific stresses on your body and your health.

If your adrenals are weak, your body can’t balance salt and potassium. Correct balance of these two minerals is necessary for good health and simply feeling good

Your body’s ability to sweat adequately-but not excessively-for the purpose of cooling and detoxification is also important during summer months. But, in the process, you can lose vital nutrients which need to be replaced. For example, the key mineral magnesium can be lost by sweating and during exercise. This may not seem all that important until you realize that magnesium is required to monitor heart rate, blood pressure, blood vessel constriction, muscular contraction and is a component of over 300 chemical processes in the body. It’s also critical that calcium is balanced with magnesium. A lack of nutritional magnesium (which is required daily) and an excess of calcium can lead to a host of symptoms ranging from low energy and fatigue, to constipation, muscle cramps, spasms or tics, rapid heart rate, PMS, shortness of breath and a number of more serious conditions.

Good health starts at the cellular level. Cells (an estimated ten trillion in a human body) are the building blocks of life. In order for your body to be in top shape, all the cells that compose your body have to be healthy. You need to regenerate at a cellular level.

Enjoy a stress-free, active and healthy summer season by getting your body ready for summer-we call it Summer-izing.


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