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Natural versus Synthetic Vitamins

One of the most perilous deceptions is the passing off of phony, synthetic vitamins or crystalline-pure fractions of vitamin complexes and saying that the body does not know the difference. 

Most brands of supplements available today are made from synthetics. These "vitamins" are chemical compounds that have been manufactured in laboratory to copy the molecular structure of natural vitamins. Your body is designed to absorb nutrients from food. For this reason most health experts agree that it is best to obtain your daily vitamin supplement from whole food, (real food) than from synthetic vitamin sources.

Synthetic vitamins are reverses or mirror images of natural vitamins. Keep in mind that synthetic vitamins are not vitamins but synthesized fractions (parts) of a vitamin complex, a mirror image duplicate of just a portion of the real, biologically active and physiological precise nutritional complex.    The analogy here is essentially the same as an automobile salesman handing you a wheel from a car and telling you the wheel is an automobile, or wanting to eat an egg and getting the shell. 

Because the structure is reversed, a left-handed molecule cannot take part in chemical reactions in the body meant for a right-handed molecule any more than a left hand can fit in a right-handed glove - its odd geometry would prevent it from being metabolized in the body.

In turn, the human physiology cannot properly utilize synthetic (mirror-image) fractions in the way natural complexes find their way into the biological reactions that are essential to tissue repair and the sustenance of life.   

A synthetic vitamin fraction can only be utilized for a drug or pharmacological effect. The effect of a drug is palliative - meaning a making or covering over of symptoms - it isn't curative.  The disease process remains unchanged or progressively gets worse for lack of proper attention.  

Tissue and cell repair or replacement requiresthe following to restore the approximately 24 billion cells that break down each day in the human body.   

A constant, uninterrupted nerve impulse supply
A constant, uninterrupted blood supply
All of the VITAMINS in a natural, complex form.
All of the minerals in an organic form in most instances
All of the trace elements essential to metabolism
All of the enzymes, coenzymes, and apoenzymes
All of the 22 or more amino acids from protein hydrolysis
A discontinuance or organic or inorganic poisons either inhaled or ingested in bad air, bad food and/or bad water.

Again, a fraction of a vitamin whether natural or synthetic at best is a drug and can only have a drug effect in the body - not a physiological or curative benefit.   

What is needed is vitamins that have the correct configuration along with all the co-factors present when you eat food.  Thus whole food nutrition will be utilized by the body.

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