What is Lecithin?

what is lecithinLecithin is beneficial to the brain, nervous system, cardiovascular system, liver and other vital parts of the body. It preserves good health and youthful vim and vigor.

Lecithin is found in every living cell. Its highest concentration is found in the vital organs – brain, heart, liver and the kidneys.

Other potential benefits of lecithin may include reproductive health, as well as improved physical performance in certain activities.

Brain – lecithin will be transformed into a vital compound for the transmissions of messages from one nerve to another. This may have an effect on memory, thinking ability and muscle control.

Blood – lecithin helps prevent cholesterol and other fats from accumulating on the walls of your arteries and may help dissolve deposits that may already be there.

Liver – lecithin metabolizes clogging fat and reduces the chance of liver degeneration.

Intestinal Tract – lecithin helps the absorption of Vitamin A and D and influences the utilization of other fat-soluble nutrients such as Vitamin E & K.

Lecithin the Emulsifier

It dissolves fats and cholesterol. Fats and Oils are an essential part of the diet but must function within the watery environment of the body. Since oil and water do not mix, lecithin molecules can hold them together. One end of the molecule (containing fatty acids) is attached to the oil and the other (containing phosphorus and nitrogen) is attached to the water. It thus acts a bridge between water and oil.

It will allow fat-like cholesterol particles to be held in solution while they journey through the arteries so they are unable to settle out and form deposits on the walls of the blood vessels.

It also helps remove fatty liver deposits for a healthier liver.

Lecithin the Brain Tonic

It is taken up by the brain directly from the circulating blood. It is not hindered by the “blood-brain” barrier that protects the brain from direct influences. Only a few substances, most notably alcohol and narcotics, were known to be able to penetrate this barrier. But since lecithin is not hindered it means that there can be an immediate effect of the production of chemicals essential for signal-transmission in the brain.

Scientific studies indicate that we may be able to repress or minimize age-related changes by getting enough lecithin

Sources of Lecithin

Egg yolk is the best source of lecithin. The name is derived from the Greek word for egg yolk (lekithos). Other animal sources include liver, milk, fish, fish eggs, chicken, and meat. Brains are another excellent source of lecithin.

Good plant sources of lecithin include seeds, peanuts, wheat germ, olives, avocado, and cabbage.


For many people, it may be a good idea to supplement especially older people or those with higher than normal cholesterol.

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