What to Feed Your Puppy

Feed your puppy One of the most important things to get correct is what your dog eats.

There is a huge variety of pet foods on the market and you need to know which ones are good to feed your dog. Dogs originally come from the wolf family which in the wild eat meat and vegetables. Their body is designed the same way even though they are domesticated.

So feeding your dog the appropriate food is very important to your dog’s overall health and nutritional needs.

The closer you bring your dog’s diet to what it would normally be in nature, the fewer will be the health issues its body will have to face as it grows older.

Very simply, the first 5 ingredients make up what the food is mostly made out of. So you do not want the first 5 ingredients to contain: corn, rice (any type), oats, wheat, rye, sorghum (cereal plant), potato (any type), carrots, beets, peas, yams, fruit (any type) or beans/lentils (any type), or the flour or meal from any of these (like corn meal or wheat flour). These ingredients break down into sugar by the body.

Here are the links to four different companies that provide low carb dog foods:

Neura – 95 percent canned meat, they have 5 different flavors of their 95 percent type.
Phone: (800) 225-0904

Evangers – 100 percent all meat canned, they have different meat types in their 100 percent group.
Phone: (800) 288-6796  

Raw Advantage – makes different flavors of dog food, you just want to check the ingredients of the flavors and make sure they follow our guidelines regarding the first 5 ingredients.
Phone: (360) 387-5185

Innova Evo – 95 percent meat canned dog foods, NOT the Dry. They make a beef canned, chicken/turkey canned, duck canned, rabbit canned and a venison canned. All of the ones that say 95 percent on the can, only.
Phone: (800) 532-726

Remember, you also want to mix in with the wet food about 25 percent (25 percent of the portion size) shredded green vegetables such as: broccoli, spinach, Brussels sprouts, green lettuce, string beans, green peppers, snow pea pods, kale, etc. (excluding green peas), for needed fiber and roughage.

Fresh Raw Green Veggies give a dog “good” carbs, enough fiber as well as enzymes and nutrients being in the raw state.

Making Homemade Dog Food

A solution to all this guesswork is to make your pet food at home, which is easy. Just get ground beef or ground lamb, add in the shredded greens (raw) and you have instant high quality pet food. You do not have to worry about additives, there are no animal “by products,” and most important, it has almost no carbs.

Do not use lean beef, use about 20 to 25 percent fat, as the fat is needed for the production of hormones in the body and fuel to burn for energy. (Unless your dog is a Schnauzer, which needs a low fat diet.)

You can also use ground chicken or turkey, but as these are leaner meats, you will need to ask the butcher to add some chicken fat and chicken skin to be mixed and ground in with the meat, to raise the fat content or you can add in some olive oil or butter. Then mix in the veggies, 25 percent of the portion size as stated above.

Ideally the food is served completely raw, but the meat can be cooked, and then gradually cooked less and less till it is being served raw.

Changing from cooked to raw over a 2-4 week period makes this easier on the bowels. Raw meat is easier to digest and has hundreds of live enzymes that bring improved health. These enzymes are destroyed when they are cooked.

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