Why do Knee Joints and Hip Joints Wear Out?

by Dr. Eric Berg 

If you’re knees or hips are wearing out or maybe even your low back discs are thinning – READ ON. I am going to simplify the complex medical jargon to understand a cause of arthritis.

The question is….Why would your own joints progressively wear out if you’re not jogging 5 miles a day or using them in hard core exercise? This should NOT happen, right?

There is ANOTHER reason behind the scenes. Here’s HOW it happens.

Let’s take the knee joint. Let’s imagine you fell on your knees as a child running around the playground. On a microscopic level a tiny tear just occurred. This tear caused very tiny fragments of knee cartilage to leak out into knee joint.

Then over the years and repeated injury, your own body may mistakenly see these tiny pieces of cartilage as a foreign body that must be destroyed.

This is an immune system mistake. This is how an autoimmune problem starts.

It takes 2 things – actual tissue leaking into the wrong space AND a stress event to trigger it. Your own immune system will set up immune defenses (killer T-cells) to destroy your own cartilage.

This situation is an inability to differentiate between what is your tissue and some foreign thing that needs NOT to be there.

To reiterate, you own body starts to destroy your own joints!

This explains why a joint can stay inflamed and degenerate – you see this everywhere right?

Look at this as the immigration department controlling people crossing the border. You need your passport to make sure you can enter and leave and get the STAMP OF APPROVAL.

Leaking pieces of collagen into the joint space is bypassed your body’s own immigration. This is why your own good joints get attacked and wear out prematurely.

There goes your joint space, the lubrication and there comes the stiffness and arthritis.

Got It?

Now for the solution that is going to blow you away – it’s so simple. You may have heard about the folk lore when your grandmother took chicken soup for her arthritis and felt relief. She was intelligent and now I want to explain WHY it worked.

Yes, Check this video on what to do for Arthritis and read more about it.

I hope this helps

Dr. Eric Berg

For Natural Joint Pain Relief

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