Sinus Infection & Fungus

Time after time you hear from others or from yourself, that despite constant treatment with antibiotics, their sinus infection continues to return. There are many symptoms, and it makes life miserable. No matter how often you go to the doctor and how many different antibiotics you try, nothing seems to work. When a remedy doesn’t work, you are addressing the wrong problem.  Maybe it isn’t bacteria that is causing the infection. Read: Sinus Infection &

February 6th, 2021|Fungus, Health, Remedies for Illness, Sinus Infections|

What is Inherited or Genetic Neuropathy?

There are specific types of neuropathy that are considered inherited.   But genetic is a matter of the DNA.  It can be altered not only by what you inherit but by what can affect the DNA.   Chemicals, radiation and toxins can also produce damage to the DNA either by breaking the strand or rearranging the sequence of the genes. There are also conditions that are considered hereditary neuropathy. Read:  Hereditary Neuropathy

February 4th, 2021|Genetic, Health, Neuropathy, Nutrition, relief, Restoring Nerve Health|

Why is What You Eat So Important?

So often I hear from various people that they don’t want to change their diet, they are too old to change what they eat and besides disease is really hereditary, a microbe that you can stop, or just something that happens. Is it?  I very often tell someone when they complain about the cost of healthy organic food, they they can spend more now or they can pay the doctor later.  Besides the pain, loss

February 2nd, 2021|Health, immune system, Nutrition, Nutritional Deficiencies|

Biologics, What are they?

If you watch TV at all, I’m sure you’ve heard the drug company commercials about Biologics? Sounds like natural healing? What is a biologic?  How is it made and why are there so many side effects connected with something that sounds natural? Read: Biologics, What are they?

February 1st, 2021|Diet, Health, Medicatoins|

Hip & Knee Joints, Why They Wear Out

Have you noticed how many people are getting knee and hip replacements.  It is gaining support and someone with a lot of pain, is very happy with the fact that they now don’t have any pain. Of course, it never addressed the reason that joints wear out.  Since knee replacements are often followed by hip replacements, it might be good to find out. And it would be good to find out before you go to

January 28th, 2021|Anti-Aging, Health, immune system, Research|
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