Chemotherapy Drugs

Drugs associated with neuropathy (nerve damage)

For more information of why, go to Chemotherapy Neuropathy

This is a List of Chemotherapy drugs known to cause neuropathy. If you have been given any of the following drugs, you may now have Chemo-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy (CIPN).

Abraxane Docetaxel Leurocristine Taxol®
Accutane® Doxil® Leustatin™ Taxotere®
Adriamycin® Efudex Liquid Pred® Thalidomide
Adrucil® Eldisine® L-PAM Thalomid®
Agrylin® Eligard™ L-Sorcolysin Thioplex®
Alkaban-AQ® Eloxatin™ Lupron® Toposar®
Alkeran® Etopophos® Lupron Depot® Trexall®
Alpha Interferon Fludara® Matulane® Trisenox®
Altretamine Gemcitibine Medralone® VCR
Ara-C® Gemzar Meticorten® Velban®
Campath® Gleevee™ MTX Velcade®
Capecitabine Hexalen® Navelbine® VePesid®
Carac™ Hexamethylmelamine Oncovin® Vesanoid®
Carboplatin Hycamtin® Ontak® Vinblastine
Casodex® Idamycin® Onxal™ Vinblastine Sulfate
CDDP Ifex® Orasone® Vincasar PFS®
Celgene Intron A® Oxaliplatin Vincristine
Cisplatin Kidrolase™ Pactitaxel Vinorelbine
Cytarabine LCR Paraplatin® Vinorelbine Tartrate
Cytosar-U® Letrozole Platinol® VLB
Cytoxan® Leucovorin Platinol-AQ® VP16
Dacarbazine Leukeran Rheumatrex® Xeloda®
DaunoXome® Leukine™ Roferon-A®
Deltasone® Leuprolide Suramin
(Note: These are not the only drugs that have been shown to cause Chemo-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy.)
See Chemo Side Effects

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