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dental healthMost of us have been told that the way to have healthy teeth and gums is to brush after every meal, floss our teeth and go to the dentist regularly and get a hygienist to scrape plaque off our teeth every six month.   This is the way to Dental Health?

The biggest question is does this help? Do you still get cavities and have to get filings? Do they still talk to you about periodontal disease? And if you get periodontal disease (which means actually “around the tooth” disease), do you get the feeling that the one day you didn’t floss was the evil act that created this problem.

I don’t think so.

One day I realized that there was something missing in modern dental care. Not once did I hear about nutrition to keep teeth & gums healthy (except maybe the milk industries promotion to “drink milk” for the calcium). Most of the time, if nutrition came up, it was about sugar in the diet. Now, yes, sugar can deplete the body of a lot of nutrients, but does it cause decay?

The dental viewpoint is that bacteria that live in the mouth thrive on these foods; it produces acids that destroy the tooth enamel. You then get tooth decay.

Here is the problem with that theory:

1) Bacteria do not consume sugar or flour as they lack nutrients. (Hint: don’t eat sugar and flour if you want good health)

2) Other foods create bacteria – milk, vegetables, fish, meat and fruit – have you ever been told not to drink milk or eat vegetables because it causes tooth decay?

So, what causes tooth decay?

Demineralization of the tooth – not enough minerals in the diet, not enough fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, & K). Now that makes more sense.

Here are two articles about this; the first article talks about the research that was done – in 1922.

Why haven’t we heard about this before? 1922?

Reversing Tooth Decay

It is interesting to note that the hypothalamus (in your brain) is supposed to signal the parotid gland (both sides of your face near the jaw line) to not only re-mineralize the teeth, but to clean them.

And let’s not forget the fluoride in your water. It is supposed to protect us against tooth decay, right?

The information goes right to the horse’s mouth and read what Dr. Weston Price has to say. He did the research –

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

More information at the Weston A. Price Foundation website

Here is a Dental Care Diet

By the way, the culprit on too much plaque on your teeth – not enough Vitamin C.

Already have Gum Disease or Periodontal Disease

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