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Diabetic Health

We always recommend you take the approach of building health - and diabetes is no different.  

Building Diabetic Health

Supplementing Diabetes:

You can build health with a healthy balanced diet and exercise and supplementing with the nutrients that help support healthy and normal blood glucose levels.  The supplements that help are outlined in the Glucose Support Formula page below. 

Read more about Supporting & Maintaining Healthy Blood Sugars Glucose Support Formula

Your Diet

Diabetic Diet - you can find the diet that you need to bring about lowered blood sugars and better health.

B1 Deficiencies and Diabetes

Dr. Eric Berg talks the 9 signs of Vitamin B deficiency and about B1 Deficiencies and Diabetics   You might find other symptoms due to B1 deficiency in this video. 

The B1 we recommend is Benfotiamine. This type of B1 will be absorbed by the body and used.  A formula with this B1 and the other needed B vitamins for Diabetic Health can be found here 

Learn Why A Diabetic Must Understand Insulin by Dr. Eric Berg

Supplements To Support Healthy Glucose Levels





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