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Fungus and Sinus Infection

Time after time you hear from others or from yourself, that despite constant treatment with antibiotics, their sinusitis continues to return.  

There are many symptoms, and it makes life miserable. No matter how often you go to the doctor and how many different antibiotics you try, nothing seems to work.

Sinus Infection Symptoms:

Runny nose
Nasal Congestion
Thick, colored nasal drainage
Head congestion
Post-nasal drip
Facial pain or swelling
Diminished sense of smell and taste

Why no relief?

If you are trying a remedy and it doesn't work, it seems obvious it is the wrong remedy.  What could the actual problem be?

Fungal sinus infection

Fungal infections tend to go overlooked as a cause of sinusitis.

Since most cases of sinus infection are believed to be caused by bacteria, they are often treated with antibiotics. Yet fungal sinus infections will not respond to these types of antibiotics and can be made worse by them. It seems that the Mayo Clinic feels they are fungus infections. Read: 

Mayo Clinic Study Implicates Fungus As Cause Of Chronic Sinusitis

Don't forget mold

Like other common airborne allergens, mold is inhaled into the sinuses causing an immune reaction. In the beginning the symptoms of fungus in the environment are sinus congestion, pain, pressure, and infections. 


For immediate relief of Sinus Infection:

We found a new product that works well and doesn't make it worse if it is caused by fungus - The Sinus Relief Formula.

The Sinus Relief Formula is a homeopathic remedy that can be kept in the medicine cabinet or your pocket or purse and used as needed.

Read More:  Sinus Relief Formula


And the Mold?

Cleaning up the Mold & Fungus to eliminate the problem: 

First find out where it is in your house you might have mold - Mold Testing (you don't have to send this away for analysis)

Products to help Clean out the Mold

Handling your Sinuses



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