Have You Been Given the Wrong Reason for Being Overweight?

weight lossI’ve heard it on TV, read it in books and have been told all sorts of reasons for having gained weight. I’ve been told that eating food had something to do with my emotional state. I’ve been told that it is my will power that is the problem. I’ve been told I eat the wrong foods. I’m been told that I’m allergic to certain foods. I’ve been told it is just part of aging. I’ve been told many many more theories for an overweight reason.

All of these reasons for weight gain didn’t help me to really lose weight. Thus, they were obviously the wrong reasons.

These diets put me on so many restrictions of all different types of foods that I started to get confused. What could I eat, what couldn’t I eat? Why did I have this problem?

I tried to follow each given reason and weight loss program and each diet and sometimes I lost weight. But then I gained the weight back.

So, I decided I had to find out for myself. I looked at what worked and what didn’t work.

I remembered that my best diet was high protein, low carbs – started with Dr. Atkins Diet – and when I tried some other low carb diets, I lost weight. But then, of course, low carb also meant non-processed foods and if I ate less than 70 carbs a day and didn’t eat milk & wheat, I lost weight. Actually, I lost weight if I didn’t eat milk and wheat.

So following this line of thought, I figured there was some reason that this worked on me, for a while anyway, until I got tired of the food.

I also knew that while some diets worked for some people, no diet worked for everyone. I kept searching.

I realized finally that overweight wasn’t a medical condition. Overweight was a symptom of something wrong in the body. Just like high blood pressure is a symptom, or high cholesterol is a symptom, overweight is also a symptom of non-optimum health.

I kept searching. Then I read “You don’t lose weight to be healthy, you get healthy to lose weight”. That made sense. He talked about stubborn weight issues. That made sense.

I found Dr. Berg’s book  on weight gain  and loss. It had lots of information. You can follow the clues and locate the correct reason for weight gain and do something about it. It leads to good health. And when you build good health, you lose weight. It worked for me.

You can read our article on Dr. Berg’s Book and see what you think.

I’ve also followed Dr. Berg’s Keto Diet and found it worked best for me. There are many keto suggestions around, but I found his worked the best. You need to decide what works for you.


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