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How do you Get Good Health when you Lead a Fast Food Lifestyle? 
by Chris Daino

In the 1950s, a movement was created to free the housewife of all the long hours of work it took to run a household.  New gadgets abounded which helped her to cook and clean. If you look at the ads of the day, we find the latest modern convenience being advertised with this goal in mind.  New types of dryers, new types of cookware, portable TVs, coffee makers, vacuum cleaners, etc. etc. Portable TVs seems to enable the housewife to watch TV wherever she was and thus be able to see the latest TV ads telling her what else she could buy to free up her time.

There were ads for new types of fabrics that you donít have to iron. There were ads for the latest cleaning agents that cleaned things with less work.  Little is said about the toxins that were added to the cookware, fabrics and cleaning solutions.

Then the food industry caught on. Although already delivering canned and frozen foods, they started developing packaged foods, processed foods, instant cake mixes, instant coffee, and other instant types of beverages which helped shorten the time being spent on cooking.  Nothing is said about what is added to the foods to keep them on the shelf longer or to enable them to be instant, etc. but time spent cooking was shortened.

Then in the 60s, fast food restaurants opened up. Now you could herd you family into the local restaurant and for a minimum expense feed them.   Of course, you were actually feeding them minimal nutrition as well, but it saved time.

So, yes, now that we are used to this, how do you reverse it and actually get food that is healthy but doesnít take a long time to prepare.   Iíve tried buying cooked foods at my local health food store, which is better than elsewhere but tends to be redundant, doesnít really give you the foods that you want to eat, and you have to check the small print next to the food to be certain there isnít something in the food that you donít feel good about putting in your body.  Iím always looking for evaporated cane juice which seems to be considered an okay way to assimilate sugar, or for the various names that MSG is called on labels.

Yes, we are going to have to use those modern gadgets to figure out if they can make our cooking faster (mixers, food processors and vegetable juicers do help), but we really do have to confront preparing foods to get the most out of what we put into our mouths.

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