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Why Don't Supplements Seem to Work?

by Chris Daino

No man is an island is an often quoted remark about society and the need for individuals to help one another. Well, it isnít much different with the body. When someone has a thyroid problem, an adrenal problem or a back problem, none of these are a problem unto themselves. The parts of the body are interconnected.

A back problem may come from the fact that the ligaments allow the bones to go out of place, behind that can be the fact that the adrenals are tired and donít allow the ligaments to be strong.

A thyroid problem where the body isnít getting hormones from the thyroid can be due to a problem with the liver whereby the liver blocks the thyroid. Glands are communication vias and work by communicating and with feedback.

Maybe the problem seems to be that the body needs Vitamin D in order to be able to absorb calcium. But you take a lot of vitamin D and you still arenít using the calcium you take from either supplements or even the food you eat. Well, Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin and the body cannot absorb it without the proper bile salts that the gallbladder is supposed to provide. And the liver makes the bile for the gallbladder. What if the liver is clogged up?

What if you have taken enough vitamin D and enough calcium but youíre body has a problem with not utilizing the calcium, but you have calcium deposits? Well, essential fatty acids are needed to move the calcium through the body so it doesnít sit in the joints, or the blood vessels, etc. etc.

What if you know you should take more essential fatty acids but you hate it. You keep burping up a fishy taste. Is it the fish oil you took or is it the fact that you are not digesting the fish oil due the gallbladder not producing enough bile or another digestive problem?


Do you get the picture? Things are connected in the body, one organ or gland is not an island unto itself.

You need to find the underlying reason that youíre having problems and address that with dietary supplements and with diet.

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Get Evaluated There's nothing worse than treating the wrong problem. 

There are 2 main problems people face. One is trying to research answers, yet confusing the vitally important factors with the trivial. In the area of health, there are more opinions, more falsities that any other subject. 

The other factor is more of an omission or missing factors of creating your health. There are insights that are not known to the general public, yet are learned from years of experience. The combination of re-educating and correcting health creating actions and supplying the vital missing pieces of the puzzle will ensure you get on the right track.

Make sure you can be treating the right problem. 


Weight Loss is Only a Small Part of Health

There is a reason why you should never focus on your weight directly in a weight loss.

There’s a guy that went from 191 pounds to 188 pounds between December and January. So, that’s only a 3 pounds of weight loss and most of the time people lose more than that. It might look like a failure to lose only 3 pounds in a month but when you look at his body fat, he went from 64 pounds to 54 pounds. That is 7lbs of body fat, gone.

The question is: How can you lose 7 pounds of body fat but you have only lose 3 pounds in weight? Doesn’t make sense.

It makes sense if you look at his muscle gain – he went from 120 pounds to 127 pounds which is an increase of 7lbs of muscle - losing all the fat and gaining muscle. This is a major health improvement on the inside.


You can’t just focus on weight because it is just a symptom of something else.

1. Never treat the symptom. Get to the root cause.

2. You have to get healthy first then lose the weight. A healthy body doesn’t gain weight.

3. Take the quiz and find out your body type




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