Health Myths Index

health mythsDo you ever get confused about nutritional claims because of all the different things you’ve been told to believe, but somehow it doesn’t seem to really make any sense. If “low fat” is so good for you, why doesn’t a low fat diet make you lose weight?

This page is an index of all those things you’ve been told, that “might not be true”.

Health Myth – Egg Yolk & Butter Myth

Health Myth – Vitamin E is bad for you.

Health Myth – Are your vitamins doing you any good?

Health Myth: We now live longer than in the past

The Four Biggest Health Myths

#1 – Diets High in Fat Cause You to Get Fat

#2 – High Carbohydrate, Low Calorie Diets Help with Weight Loss

#3 – Eating Saturated Fats Causes Heart Disease

#4 – Eggs Will Raise Your Cholesterol

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