How do you know if you’re eating real food, not GMO aka Frankenfood?

GMOOkay, I don’t get it, it takes nothing to change the wording on a label and there are always labels to be printed when food is being made ready for market. So, the cost is negligible. But the companies that want to continue to use altered food put on a big ad campaign with some medical doctor (or actress) saying it was a big waste of money. That is not what I would think that you would call wanting to eat healthy food and wanting to know if you are putting altered food into your mouth and the mouths of your family.

Now for a subject that was really not known about 5 years ago, we are educating people. It is now an issue and a lot of people voted to label GMO foods.

I think what we can do is ask the companies that have non-GMO foods to just label their foods. That way we can simply buy those, and the big food companies will notice as they would feel it in their bottom-line profits.

Meanwhile, what do we do?

10 Food Labels: It includes what to look for on false labels such as “No Added Growth Hormones” “Natural” (when used on packaging) “Grass Fed” “Antibiotic Free” “Nutrition Facts” (on labels) “Gluten-Free” “Multi-Grain” “Front of Packaging Labeling System” “BPA-Free” “Pesticide-Free” and what you can do to get real honest healthy food.

There are labels on produce called PLU, they help the cashier in the grocery store know how much to charge you, but they have other advantages.

We’ve heard that someone said the labeling of produce telling us if it is Organic, GMO or conventionally grown is an urban legend. But we don’t think they did their homework.

You can read Consumer Reports article on what these codes say about the produce. There are lots of other places where you can read the same thing. This is like a really well-kept secret that I’m glad I found out about.

Here’s our article on Is Organic Food really Overpriced? In case you missed

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