Is Organic Food Really Overpriced?

organic foodYeah, I know, all food is overpriced right now.   Yes, but food that gives you no nutrition value or worse (like ultra processed foods or sugary foods, etc) is usually cheaper than the good stuff.  Organic food, well real organic foods (see Deceptive Labels)

Twice the Price?

I’ve heard from time to time how a person can’t afford “organic food” and that the food in the various healthy grocers is too expensive. I had to think about that. How can you compare buying at your local supermarket with buying at the various health food stores?

At face value, you can see that an organic avocado may be $2.50 each at a health food store and 2 for $1.99 at your local grocery.

What is the difference?

Organic fruit and vegetables don’t have pesticides, and have been grown in soil that allows the produce to have all the various vitamins and minerals that are supposed to be there. It includes all the ingredients that your body needs for good health. The cheaper brand has been grown in depleted soil so along with pesticides, has a lot less vitamins and minerals. So which is the bargain?

Where can you get the best value?

Processed foods are readily available at our local supermarket and often are inexpensive. But if you look at the labels, you’ll see lots of extra added chemicals that could hardly be called food. Processed foods can be up to 70% chemicals. Not so much a bargain.

When you eat the less expensive foods, not only don’t you get what your body needs, but you are liable to create all sorts of nutritional deficiencies when your body has to cope with all these chemicals – pesticides in produce and chemical additives in processed food.

Results you can spend more money on organic foods now or you can spend at the doctor later. The penalty is pain and perhaps malfunctioning organs. Your choice.

Twice the Price? Four times the Nutrition.

For more information go to Processed Foods and Organically Grown Foods

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