Kris Garrett’s Success Update

(Note:  It is now 2023, Kris has passed the 10 year survival rate and is still doing well)

Today is February 21, 2017. I am doing absolutely fantastic. I had an x ray last year and there was only evidence of scar tissue. I can breathe easily with no coughing and I am not tired etc. My blood work is perfect. I have not gotten a PET scan for a couple of years now.

I am going back to the baths on March 7 for 3 weeks. This will be my 5th trip. I believe it’s very important to treat cancer as a chronic condition so that it does not happen again. I will continue to do the Kaqun baths annually as long as I am able; just to keep my immune system in tip top shape. I might add that people get sick around me all the time and I can’t remember getting sick these past few years.

I do NOT attribute my success to ONE thing, but rather to the many things I did at the same time. I believe the modalities worked in synergy with each other to produce the amazing results I experienced. I will also stress this was not an overnight success story. It took 2 years to turn things around. It was not just going and “doing the baths”. Of course the baths played a major role, but Dr Lyons will tell you they are a complimentary therapy. Not the end-all. I did not get Chemotherapy and I did not have a surgery.

1. Buy and read the book CANCER FREE, YOUR GUIDE TO GENTLE NON TOXIC HEALING. By Bill Henderson and Dr Garcia. Do this before you do anything else. You need to understand what Cancer is, how it got there the first place, and what you can do about it. You need to read this book BEFORE you make any visits to an oncologist whatsoever. This is the FIRST THING TO DO.

2. I did a very extensive nutritional program with my Chiropractor, Alf Garbutt, in Tujunga, CA. 818 248 5570. His program was right in alignment with the program in Bill’s book. I took about a million supplements a day for 3 years and I still do.

3. Kaqun Baths—there is a place open in Las Vegas now and several in Europe. The baths increase the body’s production of killer Tcells. They also make the human body produce vitamin C somehow. You drink the water, and you bathe in it for 3 one-hour sessions each day for 12 weeks. You can go to Google and you can look up Dr Robert Lyons and Kaqun. You can see my other doctor, and his partner, Dr Sandor Kulin. The baths cost $70 each in the US and you need 3 per day. They cost $40 each in Europe. and Kaqun Las Vegas.

4. I also did a form of radiation like therapy called Onco-Thermia. I did about 20 sessions of that. (I copied and pasted the Wikipedia on Onco-Thermia below to explain what that is) At the time, I paid about $100 cash US each time I did it. So that was $2,000. This is a very gentle form of radiation and there are no burns involved. It cooks the tumor from the inside out. This therapy is not available in Hungary anymore but it is in Canada and Germany. I believe this was KEY especially for a solid mass tumor. It cooked it to death

5. I also did an oxygen suppository program. It was originally developed to cure AIDs believe it or not. It’s not widely known about in Europe or in the US. It’s kind of a hidden thing, probably because it’s so expensive for most people. It’s $8,000 a month. The suggested dose is a three-month regimen. I could only afford to do one month. I feel that this was very effective too.

6. I went to biological dentist, who is a special dentist, and I had all of my mercury fillings removed and replaced with composite fillings. I went to a dentist here in the US for an estimate and she was going to charge over $15,000 to handle my teeth. I know there are good dentists in Mexico who do this for around $5,000 instead. I had my dental work done in Hungary while I was there. Europeans actually travel to Hungary for dental “vacations” because Hungary is known for its quality inexpensive dental work. I am not sure that the work I had done is the greatest, honestly. So I will just say that you should do your research about this. Again, all of this is covered in detail in the book, Cancer Free…

7. I truly believe that the ADULT ONSET OF CANCER IS STRESS. (I am not talking about babies who are born with a brain tumor, etc). You have to get the stress out of your life. Stress suppresses your immune system and allows bad things to happen in your body. You must address the emotional component of why you would get cancer in the first place. I prayed A LOT with my neighbors and people from everywhere prayed for me and that is so powerful. . I also got about 20 hours of Dianetic Counseling. I did this at the Church of Scientology Mission of the Foothills in Montrose CA. 818 957-1500. I realize that Scientology isn’t for everyone, but it worked for me, and I really discovered and explored some core reasons for my illness.

8. IVs. Go online and find an Osteopath who can offer you IV therapy. You can do vitamin C drips, or Myer’s cocktails and many other things. I did that as well for about 2 years. My Medical doctor is Dr Yoshi Rahm in Montrose California.

I continue to drink a bottle of Kaqun water every day. Studies show that when you drink the Kaqun water your vitamin C levels stay extremely high, which could be why it helps to keep cancer cells down. Normally when I go to the doctor my oxygen level is a consistent 98 or even 99. I skipped the water for a week, and the other day when I went to get an IV my oxygen level was 96. The water is imported from Hungary. It’s $15 a bottle unless you buy 100 at a time, then the price goes down $11 each. Most of that cost is just shipping and delivery. The water is only $2 a bottle when you’re Hungary. Hopefully they’ll get a plant over here sometime soon. Call Eva Toth. She distributes the water in the US 818 219 3095

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Oncothermia, i. e. the modulated deep electro-hyperthermia system is a fast-developing supportive, complementary treatment method against different types of tumors. The principles are based on the classical method of hyperthermia, but the aim, beside the absolute increase in temperature, is especially the direct electric-field energy absorption in the extracellular liquid and destroying the membrane of the cancer cells. Oncothermia’s effect is synergic to radiotherapy and to numerous chemotherapies. Furthermore, it leads to an increased immunogenicity and effectively reduces the pain of the patient.
Hyperthermia has been described as the “oldest identified weapon against cancer.”[1] It has been used since at least 1989.[2] Oncothermia in general is not used as sole therapy. It is usually combined with chemotherapy, radiotherapy or other therapies and their combination. The method transfers energy using the principle of capacitive coupling (like a condenser) of radio waves of 13,56-MHz. No external shielding is needed. Oncothermia utilizes the special absorption rate of the near-membrane extracellular liquid of the tumor. The tumor tissue has lower impedance than the surrounding tissues, so most of the energy is transmitted and absorbed by the cancerous lesion. This selection of the tumour tissues (self-focusing) renders external focusing unnecessary.
Oncothermia achieves a permanent increase of the temperature in the extracellular liquid of the tumour tissue. Due to the constant energy-supply, a temperature gradient (temperature drop) between the extra- and intracellular electrolytes develops until the thermal equilibrium is reached at the end of the therapy. This (in absolute numbers very low) temperature difference acts on the likewise small distance through the cellular membrane (from extra- to intracellular) and that leads to a destabilizing thermal stress on the membrane of the tumour cells, leading those into necrosis or apoptosis.

Kris Garrett

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