Multiple Sclerosis, what is it?

multiple sclerosisHow does it do its damage?

Multiple sclerosis is the de-myelination of the nerve. The nerve has a fatty coating round it. If this breakdowns, the nerves do not transmit their signals to the muscles. Thus, the person loses control of their muscles and they muscles atrophy.

Staying Healthy with MS

New research suggests working out with weights may help MS patients stay stronger and active longer

Multiple Sclerosis and Exercise – Watch WebMD Video

Nutritional Factors and Multiple Sclerosis

To understand how nutrition plays a critical role in multiple sclerosis (MS) it is essential to understand the basic disease process of MS. This research article goes over the autoimmune aspect of MS.

There has been research where heavy metal toxicity looked to be a cause of Multiple Sclerosis. Read: A case of multiple sclerosis improvement following removal of heavy metal intoxication: lessons learnt from Matteo’s case.

If you need to find a health care provider near you who can easily test and work out a heavy metal detox, go to Find a Nutritionist.

Some relief from the pain

We found these success stories from two MS sufferers who have something to say about supplements to help their pain.

“I have been taking Nerve Support supplements for close to four months. I am very pleased with the results I have experienced.  I am very excited that I am pain free. I am a multiple sclerosis patient and being pain free in my feet is a real blessing.”

From D.B.

“My neuropathy is caused by a neurological disease called Multiple Sclerosis. My pain is in the lower part of my arms and my both legs. The pain is mainly affecting me at night. I nerve support vitamins..This really curtails the pain. The B vitamins are so important for this condition and is the perfect remedy it is better than taking the medication the Dr. offers. As long as I continue to take the nerve formula my pain does not persist.”

From J.C.

For more information about the Nerve Support Vitamins:

Go to Nerve Support with Benfotiamine

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