Restoring Healthy Nerves after Chemotherapy


I was diagnosed with colon cancer two years ago. I had chemotherapy for six months. The kind of chemotherapy given to me left me with severe numbness in many parts of my body. It has been seventeen months since my last chemo treatment. I was told the numbness may never go away. I just would not give up.

I was looking at the Mayo Clinic web site. I found at the top of the page, information about Nerve Support Formula….I thought to myself, I have nothing to lose. I ordered the Nerve Support Formula, tried the higher dose to start.

I have more strength in my body, a lot of the numbness has gone away, my hands are much better, my legs and feet have a way to go, but the feeling of well-being is such a blessing to me. I can feel the difference in my whole body. I have taken this product just over a month. I cannot believe how this has helped the pain I had.

Janet in North Carolina

I have had neuropathy for about four years. Doctor’s don’t know how I got the disease. I had numbness, pain and tingling in my feet and toes. It was getting to the point I couldn’t sleep at night.

My doctor wanted me to take the drug neurontin. Instead of a drug that just relieves pain I found your website.

I had my Doctor research the nerve support formula and he agreed the formula would help heal the nerves and I should go on the formula and that it was much better for me than the Neurontin.

I have been on the Nerve Support Formula for about two months taking six daily and all my symptoms have disappeared except for some numbness in my left foot.

I can’t say enough about the success I have had with the formula and recommend it to anyone with neuropathy.

from Jan M

I have been taking the Nerve Support now for a little over two months. I have nerve damage from chemo therapy five years ago as treatment for breast cancer. So far, so good…no cancer! The first drug I tried for pain management for the nerve damage was Neurotin. I call this the stupid drug. Enough said. Then I tried Lyrica which did a good job until I started to experience deep muscle pain and had to stop.

I was searching the internet to find out what might be next before seeing my doctor when I stumbled upon an article by someone at the Mayo Clinic telling about how they have been treating neuropathy pain in Europe with vitamin B treatment for years with good results, which led me to your website. So, I thought, what have I got to lose by trying this out? You were so kind on the phone and sent out my order right away as I was suffering with no medication at all.

So, this is how I started out. I was not taking any medication at all when I started your product. I started with the recommended dose of 4 capsules a day and have continued with that dose. I started to get relief by the next day!

I did not want to write this testimonial until now as I was worried it was too good to be true; that maybe the results would not last. I continue to improve. In fact, I am beginning to get some feeling back in my toes which used to be dead numb especially in the morning. I couldn’t tell where my feet were and would run into the bottom edges of my kitchen cupboards with my feet. I can still get a “burn” going if I am having a particular active and busy day on my feet, so I occasionally take two more capsules during the day or just “sit it out” and put my feet up and rest for a while until it calms down. The good news is I can stand for longer periods in front of my easel in my art studio as opposed to sitting

My family doctor was very interested in my results and my oncologist was interested but wanted to do more blood labs as he was not familiar with this treatment. I have not heard back, so I assume my labs are fine.

Best Regards,

Linda H.

After Chemotherapy – “I realized I was having a difficult time remembering things, plus the pain, tingling, and numbness in my feet and legs were getting worse, not better. Three months after taking the Nerve Support Formula, the condition was about 90% improved, with not only the painful symptoms reversing, but the bonus was more energy and clearer thinking”

Linda S, California

In November of 2006, I completed one and a half years of cancer treatment for Stage II breast cancer. I celebrated that it was finished. I had a clean bill of health and time to rebuild my life.

Much to my surprise, I started losing my balance and dropping things. When the shooting pains in my toes and balls of my feet, along with tingling and numbness in my hands suddenly started, I headed back to my oncologist and asked what was up. Her reply was “neuropathy” a “delayed side effect” to the chemo and radiation.

She said there was no cure, offered pain medication (which I denied), and said that some of her patients had success with some sort of B-vitamins.

After trying all kinds from the health food store, I got on-line and found the Nerve Support Formula, which made sense to me and started taking it in January

At the end of the first month I could put on “real” shoes, stand and walk, as the shooting pain had stopped. What remained was the tingling and numbness in hands and feet.

After six months on the product, some days I feel like about a 70% improvement and others feel like a 90%.

I am very grateful for the Nerve Support Formula helping me get my life back

Linda S.

I was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer 4-1/2 yrs ago. The sentence was that I would be dead within 9 months. The chemo saved me but gave me another problem. The problem is NEUROPATHY. This problem tends to destroy the nerves in your feet and hands. Another side effect was pain in the right leg (knee to ankle) when I tried to walk a short distance.

On the Internet I found the Real Foods Nutrients and it stated that the NERVE SUPPORT FORMULA would help. After 4 days the pain stopped and I was able to walk a 1/8 of a mile. After ten days I walked 1/4 mile/day pain free. I now walk 3/8 mile/day.

I am 79 years old and only walked short distances for almost 2 yrs.

Regards Bob L.

I finished chemotherapy mid-May ’06 and prior to that I started to experience neuropathy in my hands and feet from the chemo I was taking. At that time it was bearable but I found the symptoms grew worse in time. I then got a hold of your Formula.

I am happy to say that I am doing really well now – I can go without slippers and not even think about it and I have been able to resume my hobby of card making without having to pay later i.e. no pain in my hands. I am also spending more time at the computer with no ill effects

Joy G.

“I had numbness in my entire chin and lower lip. I had corrective jaw surgery as I was born with my upper teeth aligned behind my lower teeth. I was 59 years at that time. During surgery, I had a complication as the surgeon pulled a nerve which caused my neuropathy condition. My mouth was wired shut for 12 weeks! My surgeon and my orthodontist told me here was no cure for paresthesia. That is the condition I had.

“I search the internet and only one company came can up with a 100 percent guarantee. Well my numbness is completely gone in my chin, and my lower lip is 75 percent. I expect I will have a complete recovery. My ortho and surgeon, which are very good doctors, loved my story!!”

Don E.

Thanks for checking up on me. I am so very pleased with my neuropathy. My problem was from chemo which I finished in Dec. of 2005.

I am now on the maintenance of two pills a day. My feet are much much better and I am sure they will continue to be good.

I am so glad I tried the Nerve Support Formula and have told several of my friends about it.

Mary P.

I had chemotherapy and as a result had what they call “chemo brain”. I found that I couldn’t remember common words used in conversations as well as short term memory loss. I started taking the Nerve Support Formula two pills twice a day. I now can carry on a conversation without searching for the words I want to say.

Donna D

I had “severe neuropathy” caused by the chemotherapy drug Taxotere. It was so severe that subsequent treatments had to be cancelled. Nerve damage started on my feet and hands. This is a fairly typical side effect of this drug. However, for me, it started coming up my legs and arms and pretty soon I had generalized numbness, pain and weakness. I had trouble walking and would lose my balance easily. I couldn’t walk up or down the stairs and I could barely lift my feet off the floor. The pain in my legs was so bad that I couldn’t squat or kneel or even cross my legs.

I was sent to a neurologist who recommended taking vitamin B12 as the only thing I could do to try to get better as well as getting physical therapy for my legs, arms and balance. I started taking a B vitamin complex with little improvement. Then, my husband found your website and ordered your nerve formula, so I take no credit for this decision. However, I started taking 3 capsules three times a day because the neuropathy was so bad. I think that the first week I started feeling some relief from the pain. I was surprised because the doctor said it would take a long time. I haven’t even finished the first bottle and I have regained feeling on the left side of my body including feeling temperature changes. I have been getting these shooting sensations down my legs and believe me, any feeling is a good feeling when you’ve been completely numb.

I have now reduced the amount of capsules I take to around 2-4 a day and I continue to improve. I have a high motivation to move and be able to be active as I was before chemotherapy. This formula is helping me achieve my goals.

I’m okay with you putting this on your site.

Nydia M

Thank you for your guidance with your wonderful product. It helped me to get rid of neuropathy as a side effect of chemo. The pain was so severe that I couldn’t walk. I started with 3 caps 3 times a day and in couple of days felt slight relief. Maximum dose was 4capsules 3 times a day and I stayed on the product more than a month. My podiatrist also helped to remove nail pressure. Now the problem is gone and I can normally walk and I recommend this product to all who suffers from any neuropathy. Thank you again and let more people benefit from the Nerve Support Formula.

Nina P. Chicago


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