Trans Fatty Acids
What are the good fats?

trans fatty acidsYou need a 1:1 ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats

Good fats and bad fats, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats

The requirement for these fats (in nut and seed form) should be at least one handful per day. Getting it directly from food is better than using a supplement, however, any form is better than none at all. These essential fats supply the raw material with which to make cell walls and are used as well in the structure of your mitochondria (cellular energy factories). If building a house needs wood, your cells need omega fats and their presence in the body enables oxygen to travel easily through the cells. There are studies which show that cancer grows in areas of your body where a decrease in oxygen occurs. Essential fatty acid deficiencies are behind this decreased oxygen situation and are also a prime cause of dry skin and hair.

Trans Fats

They are also called trans fatty acids and hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats, these are man-made or processed fats, produced by adding hydrogen gas as a liquid fat or oil to make it thicker or more solid. This increases its shelf life, in other words, it is less likely to spoil and will last longer.

If you are consuming trans fats (margarine, artificial butter, etc) your liver will be under stress. They are more like edible plastic and are very hard on the liver.

Alzheimer’s Risk

Studies say that three dietary components are shown to promote dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. They are sugar (especially processed fructose), grains and trans fats

People in the highest group using trans fat levels were 74% more likely to develop dementia. Those in the second-highest group had a 52% higher risk

For complete article go to Trans Fats may increase Alzheimer’s Risk


If you are not eating fresh nuts and seeds and trying to survive the fast food lifestyle, we recommend essential fatty acids.

Omega 3 Fish Oil – The best way to get the needed essential fatty acids.

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