What do you Crave? How to stop it.

what do you craveSo, you try to diet but find that your desire for certain food gets the best of you? What can you do?

There are so many things written about diets and how to stay on them and what to do. Is it that you have a weak will, or are your hormones out of balance, or…..do these answers help you to stop the cravings?

If you think about it, your body will crave something if it has a deficiency. What do the cravings mean? Here you go.

Cravings – What are you deficient in

Sugar – Potassium
Refined Carbs – B1 (are you addicted to breads?)
Salt – Sodium
Chocolate – Magnesium
Fat – Omega 3 Fatty Acids

You have some choices. You can eat foods that are high in the needed nutrient, or you can supplement.

Here is What Vitamin is in What Food

Read the Articles to Understand these nutrients:



Trace Minerals for salt craving


Omega 3 Fatty Acids

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