With Nerve Damage, you Need More than an Antioxidant

with nerve damageIn the last several years, the number of articles written about neuropathy has grown and with this number the different “natural” remedies have grown.

A lot of talk about what herb to take is predictable. Herbs are used as medicines way before the pharmaceutical companies started creating laboratory drugs (using petrochemicals) to address the symptoms of disease. And like the drugs, they will cover up the symptoms of disease. They don’t particularly address the problem but make your feel better. They like the drugs have side effects, and interactions.

Taking away the herbs and drugs, what is the prevalent natural solution to neuropathy. It is anti-oxidants. Some proponents have latched onto the circulation problems of diabetics to propose that it is all circulation and all you have to do is somehow increase the blood flow and the neuropathy will go away.

Yes, anti-oxidants will help. In fact, the combination of alpha lipoic acid and acetyl l-carnitine will help the repair of the nerves which is neuropathy as it increases the body’s ability to produce energy in the cells.

But don’t let the confusions about neuropathy confuse you. In order to address an unhealthy nerve the body needs nutrients. The body needs to build healthy nerves.

In order to function and repair itself the body needs not only protein carbohydrates and fats, but it needs enzymes, vitamins and minerals.It needs them to build healthy cells from as early as conception. And the right nutrients are especially important when the body needs to replace injured or damaged cells. If it isn’t getting the right tools it can’t do that.

In order to build healthy nerve cells, the body needs B vitamins. B vitamins nourish the nerve cells. It addresses the unhealthy nerves and lets the nerves go about their job of communicating.

The right tools for Building Healthy Nerves*

*Studies & Research on Nerve Health

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