A Balanced Diet

a balanced dietWhat is a balanced diet?  Good nutrition should be underlying everything you do for your health.

While you can find lots of help for preventing disease, and fixing these health problems, it makes sense just to build good health so that this doesn’t need to be prevented. You prevent something when it is a threat. When you have a healthy diet, you don’t have a threat.

And for someone who “suddenly” contracts a life-threatening disease, what do you think their diet was like? In the case of infection, how healthy do you think their immune system was?

The body is a pretty amazing thing. It creates energy and functions and even repairs itself. However, just like your car needs gasoline, oil and water to function properly, so does your body need specific nutrients to function properly. And no matter how nice it would be to eat whatever we wanted and then just take some vitamins that will give us the nutrients that are missing or the nutrients that the diet depletes, we need to confront the fact that you need to have a good healthy diet. We need to use food to maintain our health.

We know that nutrition and “healthy eating” has become confused with so many diet plans & philosophies.

Don’t be confused though, the answer can be simpler than you think. A balanced diet means exactly what the name implies. Think about the basics of health.

Rule One: Get away from processed foods and foods with additives, GMO foods and anything else that doesn’t quite seem “healthy”

Plan your meals. If a meal if skipped, or if you eat too little, the body will slow down the metabolism in order to conserve energy. It is trying to survive and it thinks there isn’t enough.

Rule Two: Now, there is some sort of “plate” going around brought to you by the same people who gave you the food pyramid. I think 1/4 of that plate is “whole grains”. What does “whole grains” mean? It means that they are healthier than white flour. Somehow that has been changed to whole grains are healthy for you. But grains should pretty much be avoided. The body doesn’t metabolize gluten very well, and that is the protein in “whole grains”. There is a lot to be said about the problem with wheat.

It’s a good idea to stay away from fried foods and those foods that are high in saturated fat as well.

And beware of the “gluten-free” foods. They are high in potato starch, tapioca starch, etc. etc. Check the labels. See: Gluten free processed foods.

Rule Three: The closer to nature, the better the food will be. Shop in your produce department. Shop locally and shop organically.

What do you eat? Here is a start Good Food for a balanced diet.

There are many plans out there of how to eat healthy. We continue to do the research.

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