Adrenal Gland Health

adrenal gland help

Do you want to improve your adrenal health?  What can you do right now for adrenal gland help?

1) Add mineralized salt to your diet

2) Vitamin C

3) Walks

3) Acupressure – to relax the body and help the adrenal glands


What Do You take?

1) Salt

Mineralized Salt – you need the salt. The adrenals monitor the mineral content in the body and too much potassium can become a problem. Thus adding Sea Salt is important, it will help while you build your adrenals. You can find some at your local health food store.

Testimonial: This is Chris from I’ve had a long term adrenal problem which started when I was 12 years old and had Rheumatic Fever. The doctors at that time prescribed cortisone for the inflammation. They may have thought they were saving my life, but the bypass of the adrenal glands became a problem. Adrenal glands get lazy when you artificially add of their hormones to the body (as do all of the glands) and you wind up with less then perfect glands. I’ve needed to supplement my adrenal glands. Then I found the information about taking mineralized salt and gave it a try. (The information about potassium also indicated as I would eat high potassium foods for “health reasons” – doctors say salt is bad and thus I would take the potassium to counter too much salt in foods. But I would wind up not feeling all that good).

Well, the salt was amazing. Such a small change. I started by adding a pinch of the sea salt to water in the morning and I had much more energy that day. I also got up in the morning with energy. I found out additionally that putting sea salt in drinking water will help your body to actually hydrate – otherwise the body might just let the water go right out again.

So, I added a pinch of Sea Salt to my regular drinking water (I usually have a quart bottle of Fiji Water (I like that the best) and then do as I normally do, drink it during work. I find I spend much less time in the bathroom and feel much more energized. Oh, yes, and I sleep better.

For what I use Sea Salt   Celtic or Himalayan

2) Vitamin C – Whole Food Vitamin C, not ascorbic acid or vitamin C made in a laboratory. See Vitamin C

3) Walks – Walk every day. Look around and stretch your legs.

4) Acupressure – read the article about acupuncture and acupressure to relieve stress to allow the body to rejuvenate. This has an amazing effect to counter stress. It is important as stress will tire out the adrenal glands. Acupressure and it can be done at home.

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