Rejuvenating Your Adrenal Glands

adrenal glandsHelp to Build Healthy Adrenal Glands

Things that your body needs to recover from adrenal stress which is so prevalent in today’s society. Due to the environment, processed foods, medications, pollution, etc. etc., the adrenals are tired and stressed.

Building Health is always the answer.

What does the body need?

Adrenal Health

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is vital for the functioning of the adrenal glands. Synthetic Vitamin C can actually worsen adrenal function. Whole food Vitamin C Complex can provide the adrenals with what it needs in the conversion of adrenal hormone manufacture and adrenal recovery.

Adrenal glandular

This is protein derived from the adrenal gland substances helps to repair and rebuild the adrenal glands. It will supply your body with any and all missing adrenal material that your body needs. (Note: adrenal glandular products contains NO hormones, just the glandular part to supply support.)

Liver extract

This is important to support the liver the nutrition it needs. The liver works with the adrenal glands in high stress mode to buffer excess cortisol. This ingredient can help support health cortisol levels

B5 (Pantothenic acid)

B5 complexes (both pantethine, and pyridoxal phosphate), which are essential in the adrenal pathways, and stress responses acting as co-enzymes (helper vitamins).

B5 is necessary for the adrenals. The adrenals will not function properly without pantothenic acid. It enhances the activity of the adrenal glands and also increases energy levels during times of stress.

A pantothenic acid deficiency can cause your adrenal glands to actually shrink and not perform optimally.

The Pantethine part of the complex is energy boosting and gives metabolic support. Pantethine helps to reduce the over secretion of cortisol.

Trace Minerals

Trace minerals such as chromium, zinc, manganese, selenium and iodine will help with adrenal recovery by having a calming effect on the body. Zinc boosts the immune function

Licorice Root

Licorice helps to reduce the amount of hydrocortisone broken down by the liver, which reduces the workload of the adrenal glands. Pantethine helps to reduce the over secretion of cortisol.

Licorice root is a great choice for many individuals with Adrenal Fatigue, as it helps your cortisol to circulate for longer.

Licorice can produce high blood pressure if taken in large amounts as it can increase the sodium in the blood. The amount in this formula is a modest amount and not a problem.

Licorice interacts with many prescription medicines. If you take any drugs, talk to your pharmacist to check if you can take this. (See: Can I take it with my other )


There is a formula that has these ingredients and we are happy to tell you about it.

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Is the Body not Producing Enough Cortisol?

When the adrenals have been over producing cortisol, the adrenals become exhauted. Cortisol is at the heart of all stress responses and the Advanced Formula is designed for the person who has low cortisol and has adrenal fatigue. Here is a formula for that.

Adrenal Fatigue Advanced Formula

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Rejuvenating Your Adrenal Glands
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