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Come back to find out what is new. We have new products being researched and lots more good news.

We have a page on Immunity that we keep adding to as we find more for you to do to build a healthy immune system

We have noticed that quite a few commercials for pharmaceuticals are looking to address autoimmune problems (allergies, arthritis, psoriasis, etc. etc.) more research is being done and we will soon have a page addressing these health problems.,

Do you understand what metabolism is, or have y9ou been told you want a fast metabolism?    We have several articles on metabolism with more to come.

More about how to improve your metabolism beyond probiotics is now here – see Improving Metabolism

There will be a great product for “special needs children” that addresses their gut health.  Most of the studies done say that it is a common problem with special needs children.  It is also not only just the gut but the metabolism.  The studies talk about this.  It is currently close to being released.

On the new formula which also addresses “Special Needs Children hear is the studies found and more

Teknon – improving metabolism coming soon.

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