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L.A. Weight Loss Diet 

How this diet works

It's all about sensible portions. Diet counselors gather height, weight, age, activity level and a medical history in order to figure out a specific program for each dieter. You count portions from different food categories: proteins, fruits and vegetables, fat, starch and dairy. Dieters follow prescribed food plans and learn how to prepare foods healthfully. Counseling sessions and weigh-ins take place privately.  There are three distinct phases. 

Good Points   

You can pretty much eat your fill of meats, starches, fruits, and vegetables; fats are limited. The company encourages you to buy L.A. Weight Loss supplements and L.A. Lites, protein bars in flavors like chocolate-peanut butter and chocolate-mint crunch.  The company says you'll learn to eat healthfully simply by following its individualized plans.  Comprehensive lists offer choices from popular fast-food chains and restaurants  No problem. Meat-free choices are included on all the plans. There are specific plans for vegetarians as well.

Bad Points   

One of the priciest diets around. The program runs $5 to $9 a week, but you pay everything up front. Supplements and snack bars cost extra.

Duration: As long as it takes.

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