Weight Loss Diets

We’ve listed some of the popular weight loss diets along with their upsides and downsides. There are also links to where you can get more information. Note they are in alphabetical order by name and are for your reference, they are not in order of our recommendation.

We also have a page of different groups that offer customized diets, in other words diet programs the create meal plans designed to match your unique Eating Personality and lifestyle.

Also, visit our Weight Loss page.


Most diets are trying to make your body lose pounds by eating less, eating what is thought will boost your metabolism and using drugs such as Phentermine (AdipesP, Suprenza) and amphetamines that suppress your appetite. Bypass Surgery will try and get you to eat less. You are also told to eat a healthy diet without any real information about what that means. Some people do not do well on certain vegetables and often there is too much sugar in fruit for some bodies.

An overweight body is not a health condition in itself; it is a symptom that something is wrong. Finding out what is wrong and addressing it will create health which will create healthy weight.

We recommend the Dr. Berg’s Healthy Keto Plan the book shows you how to get healthy to lose weight. It also educates you on why you are having trouble losing weight and don’t feel good. It’s a must read. You don’t lose weight to get healthy; you get healthy to lose weight.

More Information:

Adult BMI Calculator

Stop the Cravings?

Diet programs that are of interest
Click below to view the various diets

10 Day Transformation Diet

Above All Diets

Atkins Diet

Beach Body

Beverly Hills Diet

Blood Type Diet

Body for Life Diet

Cabbage Diet

Calories Per Hour

Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet


Diet Cure

Diet Shakes

Dr. Fuhrman’s Weight Loss Diet

Eat Stop Eat


Eight Minutes in the Morning

Exchange Diets

Fat Flush

Fit for Life

Food Combining

French Woman’s Diet

Garcinia Cambogia Diet

Glycemic Index Diet

Go Lo First Understand Insulin Resistance

Green Coffee Bean Extract Diet

Bob Greene’s Diet (Oprah’s Trainer)

Grapefruit Diet

Hamptons Diet

HCG Diet

High Protein

Hungry for Change

Hunza Diet

Jenny Craig

Juice Fast

Ketogenic Diet

Know the Cause
Fungus Link to Weight Gain

L.A. Shape

LA Weight Loss Diet

Living Low Carb

Low Fat

Mayo Clinic Diet


Paleo Diet

Dr. Phil

Picture Perfect


Ready to Eat

Scarsdale Diet

The Seven Principles of Fat Burning – Dr. Eric Berg now The Body Type Guide – Don’t lose weight to get healthy, Get Health and Lose Weight

Diet Shakes

Slim-fast Diet


South Beach

Sugar Busters

Thin for Life

Three Hour Diet

Three Week Diet

Weight Loss Cure (HGC Diet)

Weight Watchers

The Zone

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