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Confused About What to Take for Neuropathy Relief?

By Chris Daino

If you go on line and search for “natural remedies or treatments for neuropathy”, you’ll find all sorts of different vitamins and herbs talked about. One says to take this, and another one says no, you take this, or maybe this and that. 

Do you take everything? Is it confusing? Well, maybe there is a way to sort it out.

You have to first look at what the problem really is. No matter what the cause of the neuropathy, it is nerve damage. The nerve has been damaged and the body needs to build healthy nerves. They body will do that, if fixes cuts all the time. But why doesn’t it just build healthy nerves in place of those that are giving you those stabbing pains, or the burning, or the tingling?

In actuality, the body does build healthy nerves, if it didn’t do this whenever you cut your finger, you would get a numb spot because the nerve wouldn’t be working. 

Then why does neuropathy develop to a point where the body doesn’t get better and in some cases continues to get worse.

If you damage a nerve when you cut your finger, the body uses specific nutrients (vitamins) to build a healthy nerve. However, it can only use the vitamins that are available. 

If there is significant damage to the nerves – such as damage caused by continuous high blood sugar in diabetes, a major trauma from a car wreck, damage from bacteria or viral infections, etc., your body may not have sufficient amounts of the nutrients to build healthy nerves.

You may not be getting sufficient vitamins from the food you eat. And the vitamins needed (mostly B vitamins) can get used up by other environmental factors, such as riding the body of toxins from foods and the air we breathe, drinking beverages with caffeine, smoking, physical and mental stress and many other things that use up B vitamins. 

In fact, sometimes when the doctor says that the neuropathy is from unknown causes, it could be from a number of the factors that can create nerve damage, which means the body is fighting a big battle and needs a lot more vitamins then are usually available.

What is actually needed? *

The B vitamins – B1 and B12 are vital to fixing the nerves. Folic acid is needed to activate the B12. You need D3. You also need B2 and B6 in small quantities.

Now you also have to understand that B vitamins are usually water soluble. This means that they wash out of the body rather quickly. And you have to remember that the body is in need of these vitamins in its quest to build healthy nerves. It’s having a hard time getting enough.

There are, however, forms of these B vitamins that are fat soluble and thus when the body breaks it down, the B vitamins are delivered into the blood stream (don’t let the fat soluble fool you, it won’t store in the body, it breaks down) and in the process, the cells get the much needed B vitamins. There are also forms of B vitamins that are much more easily assimilated by the body

No, the body doesn’t need herbs, or other fatty acids etc. to address neuropathy and build healthy nerves. It might bring temporary relief but you have to keep taking it. It needs its normal building blocks – vitamins – to build healthy nerves. 

For exactly what Builds Healthy Nerves

*Studies & Research on Nerve Health

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