Metabolism and Nutrition

gut brain axis metabolsmThere is a subject taught in colleges called Dietetics. It has been around since well before World War II. The term means; through diet. Nutrientetics would be an advance on dietetics.

Nutrients are what are in food or supplements that are useful to your body. While diet contains nutrients, a person’s diet does not necessarily, and rarely does, supply all the nutrients the human body needs in adequate quantities. Even an organic food diet rarely provides all one needs.

Metabolism is the overall activity of building the body anew and tearing down worn-out parts. In your body, both of these activities are continuous. It is estimated that every seven years your body is completely new. Imagine if your house had to be rebuilt from the ground up every seven years!

One of the best ways to see where metabolism is not occurring entirely is with muscle control stress tests. These tests reveal areas of subnormal function and locate the nutrients that will improve that function. Consider the data in science that say man could live 120 to 140 years old and the fact those 120 to 140 years is about five times our maturity figure of 25 years old. You would have to say man is falling far short of his potential. Note-other animals often live about five times their maturity rate.

It is provable, from my viewpoint, that our cultural food habits and tendencies are what keep us from achieving a more attainable longevity. Appropriate nutritional supplements help to fill the gap.

Dr. Mike Spearman

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