Natural versus Synthetic (Nature vs. Chemistry – man-made)

Nature vs. ChemistryMedicine:

Pharmaceuticals vs. Herbal Medicine/ Plant Medicine/Homeopathic Medicine


Made by Pharmaceutical or Chemical Companies versus Made by Concentrating Food to Clinical Potency (Natural Vitamins versus Synthetic Vitamins)

Beta-Carotene versus Vitamin C Complex

Ascorbic Acid versus Vitamin C Complex

Tocopherols versus Wheat Germ Oil

For years, the manufacturers of nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical companies have produced a synthetic form of different vitamins. The vast majority of research in the past 30 years has used this synthetic form which probably explains any conclusions that supplements don’t work.

Vitamin E is an example of a vitamin that can be found in a natural form and a synthetic form. While the natural and synthetic molecules are mirror images of each other, they can differ in their biological actions.

For example, natural vitamin E is utilized by the body more efficiently than synthetic vitamin E, even though they both have the same antioxidant power. It has also been found through research that the natural and synthetic forms of Lipoic have different effects in the body as well. There are many examples of this.

Mirror image molecules are not the same. A good way of looking at this is you can’t fit your right hand into a left-handed glove. If you wore your gloves on the wrong hands, you wouldn’t be able to function normally—simply because the gloves wouldn’t fit.

The same thing happens in the body. Your body will not accept a left-handed compound to do the job a right-handed one is designed to do, and vice versa. A compound that’s the wrong shape cannot work as well in your body as one that’s the right shape. The right shape is the one that the body recognizes and fully utilizes.


Hydroponics (cultivation of plants in a chemical bath) versus Organic Farming

Chemical Farming versus Organic Farming

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