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Nerve Damage Can’t be Repaired?  
You just have to live with it? 

by Chris Daino

I can’t count the number of times that I’ve been told by someone that their medical doctor said that there was nothing that could be done about their neuropathy as damaged nerves can’t be repaired.

It seems not all doctors believe that as there is a quote from Columbia University Medical Center that says:  “This is an important point when dealing with peripheral nerve injuries. The healing process almost invariably requires an extensive amount of time to occur.”


And another quote from a medical doctor and researcher:  “Peripheral nerve fibers can regrow- otherwise we’d lose sensation whenever we cut a finger.”   The Body Electric by Robert O. Becker, M.D. and Gary Selden   There is lots of information in this book about growth and regrowth of the nervous system.


Or this quote “….lifestyle changes, diet, superfoods, and the use of nutrients could potentially reverse the severity of the nerve damage” Ray Sahlian, M.D.


Or a speech at Peripheral Nerve Regeneration Integrated Neuroscience Session: “These findings indicate that methyl-B12 promotes regeneration of degenerating nerve terminals” 


Says scientist K Yamazaki – 1994 “Ultra-high dose methylcobalamine promotes nerve regeneration.”  Scientist T Watanabe – 1994

So, what is the truth? *


Here is some research that has been done on repairing nerves. Nerve Regeneration with Methylcobalamine Ultra-high dose methylcobalamine promotes nerve regeneration in experimental acrylamide neuropathy. Watanabe T Kaji R Oka N Bara W Kimura J, J Neurol Sci (1994 Apr) 122(2):140-3 Full Study

Regeneration of Motor Nerve Terminals with Methyl B12” methylcobalamine (methyl-B12) Promotes Regeneration of Motor Nerve Terminals Degenerating in anterior gracile muscle of gracile axonal dystrophy (GAD) mutant mouse Yamazaki K Oda K Endo C Kikuchi T Wakabayashi T, Neurosci Lett (1994 Mar 28) 170(1):195-7 

“These findings indicate that methyl-B12 promotes regeneration of degenerating nerve terminals in GAD mice”

Benfotiamine and Improvement in Nerve Conduction Velocity A Benfotiamine-vitamin B Combination in Treatment of Diabetic Polyneuropathy Stracke H, Lindemann A, Federlin K.

This research tells you that it is possible to repair nerves, if you give the body what it needs to make those repairs. 


*Studies & Research on Nerve Health

You can look these up yourself at PubMed - just put in the name of the study.

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