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Foot Neuropathy
Damage to the nerves in the feet

The most often complained about neuropathy symptoms are in the feet.  It is the place where people first feel their neuropathy. 

Some people may experience numbness, burning, stinging pain, tingling and pricking sensations, sensitivity to touch and even numb toes. It can be tingling that affects the ball of the foot and travels up the leg, or loss of sensation in the feet. 

Neuropathy in the feet is a very common condition.  There can be many causes.  Diabetes and Chemotherapy are the most prevalent cause and usually start with stabbing pain in the toes for chemo patients and burning pain for diabetics.  However, there are many symptoms and it can be any one of them.  It varies with the person.  

There are many other causes. Sometimes it is diagnosed as "idiopathic" or unknown causes, but that usually means that not enough investigation to find the cause has been done. Knowing the cause of foot neuropathy will result in being able to stop further damage. Treatment can be directed at addressing the underlying cause so that more damage is not done.  With a vitamin deficiency, the cause can be handled with proper nutrition and supplementation.  Control of high blood sugar for a diabetic will stop further damage.  Finding the cause is thus important. There may be more than one contributing cause. A full list can be found here - Causes of Neuropathy 

What can be done for foot neuropathy?

The body needs B vitamins for nerve conductivity and nerve health. There are also things that will slow down nerve repair or increase your symptoms.

Heavy drinking of coffee, tea and soft drinks (including de-caffeinated coffee, tea and soft drinks) cause the loss of both water and water-soluble B vitamins from the body.

Heavy smoking or drinking of alcohol, use of antibiotics, as well as stress (physical and mental) can all burn up B vitamins. And of course, there are many prescription medications that have neuropathy as a side effect.

If you are taking one or more of the medications with the possible side effect of neuropathy, it would be a good idea to talk to your medical doctor and see if he can prescribe an alternative. You can find this out by checking the literature that comes with your drug, or by checking drugs.com or rxlist.com 

There are different methods that you can use to relieve this condition.  

You can find out about Neuropathy and how to address it at Neuropathy


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