Numb Feet, Toes & Legs

What causes the numbness?

numb feetFoot numbness is a condition where you feel a loss of sensation in one or both feet, including the toes.

Many people complain about numbness in their feet and legs, and have been given all sorts of reasons why. They can be told it is lack of blood to the area, pressure on the nerves, sitting or standing in the same position for a long time or from repetitive motion. Most often it is thought to be poor circulation.

Depending on the cause, this loss of sensation can disappear quickly. Numbness after sitting for a long time will fade away once you move your legs and feet around and the blood flow returns.

However, chronic numbness in the feet indicates some level of damage to the nerves. A continual numb foot indicates neuropathy.

You can find a list of reasons that a person can get this numbness, such as injury, side effect of shingles, infection, inflammation, trauma, nerve entrapment, diabetes, etc. but all these causes are due to nerve damage and it is called neuropathy.

Often, there are other symptoms that precede the numbness. Foot numbness comes after symptoms of pins-and-needles, prickling, pain or burning sensations. These symptoms are referred to as parenthesis.

This is due to the nature of the problem. When communication through the nerves is starting to break down due to nerve damage, symptoms of tingling, pins and needles, burning and pain are felt. When the damage gets worse, there is no communication going through the nerves and the area feels numb – no feeling.

What can you do about numbness?

When there is nerve damage, the body needs to repair the nerves. Sometimes this happens on its own when it isn’t severe as the body starts repairing the damage. But numbness means that the nerves have had some significant damage and the body will need some help in fixing the problem.

What can you do about this nerve damage?

First, you can learn what caused the damage so that the same thing isn’t continuing to happen. That can mean tp stop drinking alcohol, or get the diabetes blood sugars under control or many other things that need to be corrected. For a list of Causes of Neuropathy.

For more information about neuropathy.

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