Rat Lung Worm Testimonial

rat lung wormMy son, Graham, has been taking Nerve Support Formula for conditions created by one of the most serious cases of Rat Lungworm recorded in the United States. Graham got sick in Hawaii, December 2008. Rat lungworm is a disease caused by a nematode whose life cycle begins first in rats and is passed on to soft-bodied creatures such as slugs and snails. Cases of rat lungworm have been increasing on the Big Island of Hawaii, mostly from the introduction of an invasive slug from SE Asia that tends to carry high parasite loads. The parasite can be transferred onto fruits and vegetables through slug or snail slime, or a person might accidentally ingest a slug or part of a slug.

Graham was in the hospital for 4 months, 3 of those months he was in a coma. He had a tracheotomy and was fed through a stomach tube. Doctors said the brain damage was so great he would be a vegetable the rest of his life, if he lived. Instead of buying into that we opted for alternative medicine. Graham has had an amazing recovery thanks to this. He still has some issues with balance and vision (nerves controlling the eye muscles were affected and his left eye turned completely inward) but they are steadily correcting themselves. One of the most amazing supplements we have found to reverse these and other rat lungworm symptoms has been Nerve Support Formula (NSF).

We found out about Nerve Support Formula in a bit of a roundabout way. A good friend of mine sent an email asking a few of his friends to research leprosy. He and his friend work to provide emergency shelter in disaster areas in Asia, and conditions they work in are often hazardous to one’s health. His friend had gotten leprosy and could no longer feel his feet. When I googled, “healing peripheral nerve damage” I came up with the the Nerve Support Formula.. As I read through the symptoms that the Nerve Support Formula will help heal I realized they were all rat lungworm symptoms.

I called and talked to one of the people working there. She was so helpful and was very interested in rat lungworm and what was going on. She also stated that she would like to put something on their website, which I thought was very proactive. I ordered the Nerve Support Formula and we were given instructions as to how dosage would work. Graham started at the low dose prescribed, and we began to see positive effects within the first week. Because the damage to his brain and nervous system was so great we continued to increase the dosage until we reached the maximum dose of 12 capsules per day. At this dose we could see the highest potential of healing occurring.

I would like to insert here just how badly Graham’s body had been affected by rat lungworm. He was 23 years old when he got sick. He was a surfer, skateboarder, stonemason and builder. When he came out of the coma he could not even sit on the edge of the bed without support. His core strength was zero. The physical therapist used a mechanical contraption that literally cranked him to his feet. The ataxia was so bad that all of his movements were spastic and horribly jerky. His ring and little finger on his left hand didn’t function at all. There was overall weakness in the left side of the body. His voice was spastic, either from the tracheotomy or from damage to the vocal cords by nerve damage from the parasite. He basically had to learn to do everything over again. In addition to these problems, nerves to his bladder and sphincter muscles were affected making it difficult to urinate and have a bowel movement. The use of a catheter, suppositories, enemas and colonics had to be used at various times to keep body functions regular.

For months we worked on walking, standing, sitting and stamina. He was exhausted all the time, his vision was double from the fact that one eye was turned inward and both eyes did not track together. He was a giant mess. All of the alternative medicines and supplements we used helped begin healing. But I have to say the results we have gotten from the Nerve Support Formula are dramatic. Within the first week (we began using the Nerve Support Formula in February 2010) of use his balance and vision began to improve. His eye began to straighten out even further. As we continued to up the dose we saw more and more of the positive effects. We would play baseball as part of his physical therapy. Before using the Nerve Support Formula it would take him several minutes to get balanced enough to bat. When he bent over to pick up the ball he would almost always fall, or almost fall. When we were walking I would have to stay close by his side in case he lost his balance, which was frequent. After four weeks of Nerve Support Formula his balance had improved to where I could trust him to walk by himself. He no longer fell over when trying to pick things up. He was able to play guitar again, doing the songs and rhythms he had been capable of before he got sick. His vision improved and he could read more easily.

In March 2010 he had improved enough that we were able to travel to visit my brother, who lives near a beautiful beach and clear, warm water. There we could walk the beach everyday, swim and continue physical therapy. By April, Graham could ride a bike again. By May, he could do short rides on his skateboard. Now it is June. Graham works out at the gym and does yoga, works on writing a book and is an ardent reader. No doubt he is still recovering, his balance and vision are still not perfect. We tried reducing the dose of Nerve Support Formula in May and saw a drop in his balance and vision improvement. So we have decided to continue to stay at the high dose for a longer period of time. There is much healing that needs to happen after an illness like a bad case of rat lungworm.

We highly recommend the Nerve Support Formula to others suffering from the symptoms of rat lungworm. We believe this to be one of the best medicines available for reversing the damage to the nervous system by the parasites. If you have had rat lungworm, or suffer from peripheral nerve damage, you should give Nerve Support Formula a try. The results can be quite amazing. We have also appreciated the wonderful support and follow-ups of the Wellness Support Network* team. It is so inspiring to find a group of people who are so devoted to what they do. Helping people get well. Thanks to all of you.


Graham McCumber,
Kay Howe

Email us or call 818 252-1038 with any questions about how the vitamins work for any nerve damage.



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