Rebuilding a Healthy Mouth – Addressing Loose Teeth

The first step to a healthy mouth is to handle any irritation, bleeding and puffy gums that comes from bacteria that has been creating this problem (Full info at Periodontal Disease).

Once the mouth is not infected, and gums calmed down and not puffy, but pink, you need to rebuild your mouth’s health.

In order to rebuild the bone & ligaments that create loose teeth you need to build healthy bones and ligaments. The body needs minerals.

For Healthy Bone & Ligaments around your teeth.

Supplements for dental health:

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one nutrient thought to have a very positive effect on the mouth. Vitamin C is vital for production of collagen, the basic protein building block for the fibrous framework of all the tissues, including gums.

Vitamin C strengthens weak gum tissue and makes the gum lining more resistant to penetration by bacteria.

For a Whole Food Vitamin C. A good form of Vitamin C that is easy for the body to use. This RHP Vitamin C should be taken per directions or twice the recommended for gum problems. (This really is a different type of C)

Calcium is needed to restore any deficiencies which can result in periodontal disease. Periodontal disease and gum disorders are forms of osteoporosis of the mouth.

For a Whole Food Calcium/Magnesium that is easy for the body to absorb and use, with ingredients that your body will use to build healthy bones.

This is a start and will help the teeth. Diet is a big factor as well.

Read Dental Health Care


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