The Problem with Herbs and Neuropathy

herbs and neuropathyThere are a number of products on the market for Neuropathy. While some of them have some or even most of the B vitamins necessary for the body to be able to restore health to nerves, very many of them are different herbs, supposedly to help with nerve repair or to relieve the symptoms.

While many of them can relax the body, or give some relief, herbs do not repair nerves, nor do they build healthy nerves.  The do relieve symptoms.

Herbs are not vitamins. They are natural substances that grow in nature, but they aren’t the vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids & amino acids that the body needs to function and to repair itself.

Herbs are similar to drugs in so far as (in therapeutic dosages as found in the herbs that you can buy) they make the body do what it wouldn’t normally do. Repairing itself and building new cells is a normal function of the body.

Herbs cannot be taken in some cases with certain medications. You need to check with your pharmacist to see if the herbs and your medications are compatible. Pharmacists have a database exactly for that reason to check to see if they can be taken togeter.

There are no clinical trials showing that any herb can help restore nerve health… Nor can it build healthy nerves. They do have some value in increasing blood flow, or calming the body.   The nerve damage is what causes the neuropathy symptoms.  Read Nerve Health

There are many products being advertised as helping neuropathy with 4 or 5 different herbs extracts in them. It is questionable whether they have been tested together, and since there are no trials regarding neuropathy, questionable as to whether they will help or not.

A number of herbs taken together often cause stomach problems, such as heart burn. They can create more problems.

Check out all the herbs in a formula. Remember, this is not like an herb tea, made by boiling the herb leaves, or sprinkled in your salad. These are herb extracts in much more potent amounts then found in nature.

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For our recommended formula for Nerve Health

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