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Think Differently about Treating Neuropathy Pain (or any pain)

By Chris Daino

When most people think about pain, they think about what they can take to alleviate the pain. I canít count the number of commercials on TV talk about the different pain killers that you can buy. These are all in the name of attempting to stop you from hurting.

But despite the commercials, and the normal way of handling pain, there is a way to think differently about pain. 

A migraine headache is one example of pain that can be debilitating. In fact, you can find all sorts of drugs designed to eliminate this type pain, there is even migraine strength over the counter compounds. Recently I found a formula proposing that you take a lot of herbs to deal with and even prevent Migraines. Taking herbs on a steady basis in order to try and ward off migraines was a scary proposition, but then when you are in pain, and you can expect to have more pain, you tend to do a lot of things you might normally not do. 

I can understand this. I used to suffer from migraines. I understand taking different drugs in order to stop the pain. I remember my doctor at one point prescribed a barbiturate. If I recall, I didnít feel the pain (or maybe I was so drugged that I didnít care that it hurt). I do remember that I was in college and I had to tell the professor not to call on me because I was taking this drug. Luckily I could take the bus to school and not have to try and drive.Ö. etc. etc. Thatís not the way to live life.

I did handle my migraines, but by building health Ė not taking drugs or herbal medications to cover up the pain. I worked on what my body was missing nutritionally that it needed so that it wouldn't create a headache. I found it and stopped the Migraines.  Migraines can be the result of many things Ė deficiencies create problems.

Now letís go to neuropathy pain. Neuropathy is nerve damage. The body relies on 40 nutrients to be able to function and repair itself. I needed specific nutrients to be able to get my body functioning correctly so my head wasnít hurting every week or so. And when it comes to neuropathy, after the nerves have been injured in some way, the body needs specific nutrients to be able to build healthy nerves. 

The nice part about thinking differently about pain is that once you fix the problem, you donít suffer again, the problem is solved.

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